Gwen Talks ‘Kuu Kuu Harajuku’ Musical Inspirations and No Doubt Hiatus with ‘Billboard’

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Photo courtesy of Nickelodeon
Photo courtesy of Nickelodeon

Gwen chatted with Billboard recently about her highly anticiapted upcoming animated series Kuu Kuu Harajuku, which is set to make it’s domestic debut on Nickelodeon this coming Monday. In the interview, Gwen mentioned how she was encouraged not to include her own music in the show but shared that the writers of the theme song took inspiration from some of her previous solo albums.

“The music is very similar to the music on my first two records. It’s a cross between an ’80s video game and pop music. … The theme song is super catchy and the writers even took lyrics from my songs to incorporate into it. That part is like a kids version of me.” Gwen shares that she wanted the show to be “reflective” of her and is really excited to create something just for kids outside of her familiar musical element. “I still get to do everything I love but just in a different format.”

When asked what’s next for No Doubt, the article leads us to believe that the band doesn’t have any plans for any type of reunion in the near future. Gwen states that they haven’t spoken about getting back together at this time since “everyone is doing their own thing right now.” Gwen continued by saying that “it feels like family time”. This comes off the heels of Tom, Tony and Adrian’s quick confirmation that they would not be joining Gwen during her last two Irvine shows later this month after many fans were speculating (and hoping) for the band to take the stage together again to close out such a memorable place in No Doubt’s history.

While we’re obviously disappointed, we do appreciate and understand No Doubt’s honesty with everyone and we’re really excited to see what’s next from our favorite band.

4 Replies to “Gwen Talks ‘Kuu Kuu Harajuku’ Musical Inspirations and No Doubt Hiatus with ‘Billboard’”

  1. I’m excited for some Harajuku Lovers stuff again, like for my future children and my dog. I missed out on the Pet Co merch 🙁 Also, I get the feeling that the band No Doubt my never get together again. But maybe in a few years? You’ll never know? However I’m really excited to hear Tom, Tony and Adrian new music. I really hope No Doubt could do a festival tour again! Please Tom, Tony, Adrian and Gwen

  2. Have faith you guys! I do believe No Doubt will reform and put out at least one more album. If they don’t, they will definitely tour. As for when it may be a year or two. Just watch and wait!

  3. I wonder why she was advised against using her music in the show. It would’ve been pretty cool to have her music in it and maybe even write some original stuff for it.

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