Gwen Surprises Fans with Performances at Country Jam (Updated)

Gwen surprised the country community last night with two special performances at the 25th annual Country Jam festival held in Grand Junction, Colorado. Boyfriend Blake Shelton was the main headliner on Saturday night and she first joined him onstage for a live performance of “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.”

Gwen later took the stage by herself and performed a rousing version of “Hella Good” with Blake’s band. E! Online reports Blake said to the audience before welcoming Gwen to the stage: “I wish I could hear an artist who could rock. That’s my birthday wish.”

Blake celebrated his 40th birthday last night and Gwen had shared photos from their festivities before and after the show on her Snapchat and Instagram.

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So about last night … Can we go back?! #blakeshelton #gwenstefani #CountryJamCO #FestivalFever

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32 Replies to “Gwen Surprises Fans with Performances at Country Jam (Updated)”

  1. I believe the context was that Blake asked Gwen to rock the crowd for his birthday wish…thus part of Hella Good.

  2. Seeing Gwen perform ND material without ND kinda rubs me the wrong way too… especially since she has a huge catalogue of her own to choose from.

    Does anybody know how other solo artists that used to be in a band handled this? Has Beyonce ever performed any Destiny’s Child songs without the other girls? What about Justin and *nsync?

    I wonder if the boys will perform ND songs with their new band? That would be just as weird imho.

    1. Destiny’s Child and *NSYNC weren’t “bands” per say, but Rob Thomas does some MB20 songs during his solo tours. Stevie Nicks will do Fleetwood Mac songs. It’s not uncommon…especially if the solo artist was also the songwriter. I think ND fans are weirded out by it because Gwen has said in the past that she would keep it all separate, which she mostly has except for this, The Voice, and that one Japan charity event.

  3. I agree that it feels weird when Gwen does Hella Good without the boys, but the crowds reaction was pretty awesome. I doubt if this will be a recurring thing.

  4. I have read some comments pointing out that Blake actually asked her to sing Hella Good since it is his favorite ND song, so I guess she really couldn’t have said no since it was for his birthday lol.

  5. She says, “it was a good idea”. So probably, Blake asked her to do it.

    “@blakeshelton ha! #umademe #uwereright #goodidea #happybdaycowboy �� gx”…30354577764352

    I think Hella Good is such an awesome song to celebrate something. And since she performed it without boys before, she might felt like she is free to do it. Also it was their first duet and it happened when they first met. (on The Voice.) It is probably a special song for them.
    If it has some special reasons like The Voice (Pharrell+Gwen, common song.) , a special ask, a charity event etc. I’m okay with doing it as solo. And it did happened so, until now. I think she balanced and is balancing this very well.

    And mann! Look at that country crowd, she can rock on the stage with any kind of music listeners.
    There will never be another Gwen Stefani. There will never be another entartainer like her. We had some good vocalists, we will always have. But I don’t think we will have another artist with that much energy, a master who can give her energy to (dead) crowd, a musician who has the most special vocals.

  6. Wow , some of u people are overreacting, that was great . Thats Gwen she can perform any song she wants when ever she likes . It not like she went on a No Doubt tour with out the band haha . She played a song for blake on his bday get over it ughh

  7. It was probably too last minute to have the boys drop everything and fly to Colorado for this one song performance for her boyfriend. I don’t think this is as major as some people are making it out to be.

    It did make me miss ND though.

  8. Its clear to me ND and Gwen arent what they use to be. To use a ND song on one hand feels so dirty. But its clear Gwen is who she is because of Tony (co-writer of HG) Tom and Adrian. Cant see Misery getting that reaction from the country crowd. So as much as it sucks, its further proof how much of a group effort it really is.

  9. Why do people find it weird? Just curious because it’s not like this was a scheduled performance, as in, she wasn’t getting paid for it for anything. And if she makes some No Doubt fans out of country fans, good for ND!

  10. I thought the same thing at first on whether was the right call to sing a ND song without ND band . But then I remembered that this song was performed at the 1st Voice season premiere that Gwen was in, by all 4 Voice judges including Adam, Blake, Gwen and Pharrell Williams , (and Pharrell Williams wrote Hella Good as a collaborative along with his band mate, Gwen and Tony to my understanding) . The writers are usually the ones with the rights to the song , rather than the whole band. I don’t know ND agreements obviously as just talking in general terms, but if they performed it for the Voice with only 2 of the 4 writers and without the whole band , they must have figured out the legality of who can perform , when and all must have agreed on terms?

    Getting passed that, it’s the 1st song Gwen and Blake would’ve ever performed together then at that Voice season premiere, so seems song with special history and makes sense. For his birthday performance, His band most likely rehearsed it with GS before that night , so she had time to clear it with band mates or writers or legal team or whatever she needed to do .

    And when finally get passed all that, how AWESOME to introduce a No Doubt classic to a whole new audience of country fans. It’s good for all of band of ND… New exposure ! Odds are at least one new fan came out of that, at least one person went home and looked up that song and that band and one person downloaded that song or a GS or a ND song…most likely . Blake said he was a fan of old GS and ND songs…happy birthday to him , awesome gift for singing one of his favorite! Who really loses? As for ND fans, who hasn’t secretly been yearning to hear a new doubt song in between all the new solo stuff? It’s an Ode to the entire ND band that she sang it – reminds everyone why she is who she is as an artist . And hey…seeing the fans reactions to a ND song just might make her rethink her comments about the future of ND . You never know 😉 Maybe rekindles the fire to perform with them even just one more time or one more song bc the fans reactions lit a fire under her when she performed it? who knows… But I loved hearing it and seeing that she shared a ND song that was appreciated by new and old ears! I missed those old songs and loved she brought it back for her, Blake , No Doubt and any music fan ….and it didn’t hurt that a lot of positive write ups about it either…just saying… But I am just one opinion of many and respect everyone’s opinions bc understand both sides.

    1. I think it’s so funny how you, Alex Charles and Echoustic so similar writing styles 🙂
      Maybe it’s cause you all write long and detailed posts.

  11. I don’t mind gwen doing ND songs. It’s not uncommon for a solo artist to do so. Especially considering we won’t hear much with them together anymore.

  12. No Doubt = Tony, Adrian, Gwen and Tom. That’s all I have to say. No band, no magic. I don’t care about it.

  13. It’s not that big of a deal to me. If she were to perform ND songs on her new tour, that’s a different story. And also i don’t think it matters to a crowd if the boys were on the stage with her for that song or not. Gwen IS the face of No Doubt. She’s the only member of the band that couldn’t be replaced (of course not to any of us, but to the general music listener, non-die hard ND fan)

  14. To be honest, whenever you cover a song (even if u are one of the co-writers), the song writers have to approve, otherwise they can shut down a performance. So Gwen’s team is likely to have give notice to the other writers. What’s the big deal to have her performing HG? Most of the people complaining were the ones that wanted her to do ND songs on the Carpool Karaoke… So the problem is that she did it on a country festival or that it was done to please Blake?

    1. Cynthia that is actually not true at all. Any one can perform a song no matter if they co-wrote it or not at all. She would not have to ask permission even though it seems like she would. There is a big deal since it seems ND is not on good terms (no posts from them, no support for each other etc so it makes us die hard fans sad to think she would ever perform their songs with out the whole band) I do think it did not sound nearly half as great as when No Doubt does it so I hope this is the last time it happens. Shows like the Voice to need permission since it is on TV but live shows do not. Weird right?

      1. Margot… yes it is. I have worked with musicians and know that they have to pay writters fee for live perfomances as well, since profit is being made. HG is written by Gwen anf Tony, no Tom or Adrian, and The Neptunes. As for not being in good terms, well, that’s pure speculation.
        Just to add more info, Gwen sued a bar band for performing her songs (live) with no permission. Could not find the original TMZ article but found this one:

  15. What a preformer!!! If I were there I would have crapped my pants! This makes me so excited for the TOUR!!!!

  16. She chose the song for several reasons: Blakes request/ his birthday, even every country fan there would know that song, and it would definitely amp up the crowd. Why not borrow that song from her band? It worked out great and was a good way for her to be introduced to his country crowd. Sounds like she was hesitant based on her hashtags but then was glad he talked her into it.
    So funny him saying: ” Now how am I supposed to follow that?”

    1. Just saw it on Facebook… people will be unhappy. I think it’s ok, since she is the writter for most ND songs (except IML, that one belongs to the dudes from Talk Talk).

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