Gwen Surprises Crash My Playa Festival with “Hella Good”

If you follow Gwen on Snapchat, you may have noticed that she’s been with Blake Shelton in Mexico for the past few days ahead of his performance at the Crash My Playa music festival held in Riviera Maya. She made another surprise appearance last night during Blake’s set and performed “Hella Good” during the his encore. She donned a cute green jumper and checkered flats and fans of the country music bash seemed so excited to see her!

Check out a few photos and video clips from the show below.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better. #CrashMyPlaya #GwenStefani

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That moment when @gwenstefani murders the show! She is so bomb!

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About last night… I'm kind of really obsessed with her. #vibes #crashmyplaya #gwenstefani #countrygirl

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8 Replies to “Gwen Surprises Crash My Playa Festival with “Hella Good””

  1. Why a No Doubt song? Why not a solo song? Didn’t she say in some interview that her solo songs were her favorite? She does look pretty tho

      1. I understand that she is 1/5 of the writer for that song FTP (Neptunes & ND). That is not lost on me but why do a ND song? She said in an interview that her solo stuff is her favorite stuff not ND (which in itself is terribly sad to this fan) so why do a ND song? She also said she never asked the other 3 members (who also own the rights) to play these songs. Do you think they care?

  2. weird to see her sing this without band – whatever makes her happy :D! but for real though- that music from no doubt will last forever because it was so authentic and original and It came from her roots – they were a team and now they are about to kill it with this new dreamer album and its probably going to be a massive success because they are free to create as a team without any pressure – she puts so much pressure on herself that she’s almost become a gimmick of her own persona – I love her infinitely but I can’t help but think about how she never let gabe or the other guy officially ever be in her 4 piece band even though they were there from day 1 and perform with them in every show and now she’s sort of out of her band…. the 2009 tour was the most epic beautiful insanely creative tour I’ve ever seen – but ever since then its dragged and the guys are tired of waiting around on her pressured schedules so now their just gonna do it without her and its gonna be a massive success!!! at the end its all about love and music – and everything happens to move us all forwards so maybe this is just how its supposed to go ! she seems super happy but I totally miss the innovative/creative/9 minute storyline music video/rock the F out IM just a girl Gwen!!! But I think shell find that again only this time its gonna be in a new way!!! LET LOVE INSPIRE CREATION. 😀

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