Gwen Stops By 104.3 MYfm’s Valentine in the Morning (Updated with Highlights)

Gwen stopped by and joined Valentine in the Morning for a new interview for 104.3 MYfm radio that aired this morning.

Valetine asked Gwen (on behalf of his wife) what makeup she uses, and she jokingly responded that it costs a lot of money to look as fabulous as she does everyday. Gwen says that she’s always been a makeup girl and is thrilled about her upcoming collection with Urban Decay. She shared that she does do her own makeup and talked about being a makeup artist at the Anaheim Plaza mall during the early days of No Doubt.

Gwen shared that the music video for “Used To Love You” was never intended to be the actual video saying it was just footage shot last-minute for her recent show in New York. She also shared that she had no plans to release the single “I felt like I knew it was going to be the single, and then I was doing the show, and then it all just got really rushed.” She was approached to create video footage for the show to have something behind her that would translate well. Director Sophie Muller came up with the idea for the video and the footage was filmed in 30 minutes after Gwen and her team had been rehearsing all afternoon for the show. Gwen reveals that some “crazy, crazy personal stuff” happened just before they were about to shoot so the emotions she’s portraying in the footage is as real as it would ever get (after four takes). Gwen says that the shoot was just her, Sophie, and two cameras and she told Gwen that she was not allowed to cry — she says they kept the “crying” version edit but it’s not as good. After showing the video footage to her assistant, she was insistent that Gwen release it as the official music video.

Gwen finds it incredible and comforting to release something to honest and have people get it and understand. “This time it felt like everyone got it, and it’s crazy, because it’s all happening in real time”. She says that releasing this song is a natural thing for her to do because she feels like it’s something she needed to do to heal. Valentine commends her for taking the risk and releasing something so personal because she does come across as someone who has a “perfect life”.

“Without bad-mouthing anyone, when I had written this whole record, and it was a miracle, cause I haven’t been able to write in a long time or be confident or have been able to respect my own gift. I feel like I got so lost on my journey, like we all do once in our life. I’ve been really praying and wanting to find that connection.” Gwen says that it’s been incredible creating these songs and she never cared if they were released at all. She says it’s been “powerful” to her and has helped her rediscover herself.

Gwen confirms again that she has enough material written for two albums but still wants to keep writing. She reveals that she wrote the “title record” for the album, too!

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  1. There she is!

    Now that I have a better understanding of how the song was composed, I’m feeling more optimistic about what else she’s working on. At first, I thought she wrote UTLY to be a popular mainstream pop song, so I was frustersted that she wasn’t even charting well with it. It sounds like it’s coming from a more authentic place though, and that negates any relevancy chart placings have to me.

    2 records worth and still writing??? Cool! Honestly the best Gwen/ND news in years!

  2. Jenny, I appreciate very much all the effort you and the other BSO webmasters put into this site but it seems a bit much to me to tell everything that goes on in a video. I mean, most sites just paraphrase like ‘Gwen tells about her personal life after the divorce and gives some interesting facts about this and that’. I can understand if you want to point out specific things like when the new record will be released or how many songs are expected to be on it. But it’s all written out pretty much ad verbatim. Reading it takes away the excitement of the video for me tbh, because it offers nothing new.
    It’s just a small thing, doesn’t bother me all that much, but wanted to share it anyway. It may save you some time! 🙂

    Other than that keep up the GREAT work!

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