"Gwen Stefani Week" Comes In At #1 Strangest American Idol Theme

MTV — You apparently agreed, as “Shania Twain Week” finished a distant fourth in the poll we presented about the weirdest, most head-scratchingly “Huh?” theme weeks in the history of the show. What came in first place? “No Doubt and the Songs That Inspired Gwen Stefani,” which took first place with 33 percent of the vote. That show — an entry from season six — was particularly odd mostly because the No Doubt tunes (like “Bathwater” and “Hey Baby”) sounded somewhat out of place, and there didn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason binding the other songs together (except that we now know that Stefani was inspired by both Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” and the Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”).

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  1. Geez,that was kind of harsh that her week was voted the strangest;it’s probably because of the Bathwater performance from Sanjaya(even though Gwen advised him the song wasn’t suited for him.)I still think Gwen was a great mentor.

  2. I thought she was too. I don’t think they are talking about her at all, just the song choices, which I agree. Donna Summer? Really?

  3. Yeah I always thought it was odd too. I mean, so what’s the song selection? Anything from when the members of ND were born and on? Hhaha 😛

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