Gwen Stefani On Babies & Marriage: ‘I Feel Happier Now’

Gwen Stefani has said having children with her rocker husband, Gavin Rossdale, has brought the couple closer together.

Last month, Stefani, 38, gave birth to the couple’s second child together, Zuma Nesta Rock, and in a new interview with the UK’s Hello! magazine, she said raising their children has deepened the couple’s love.

“We feel so blessed to be able to share this experience together,” Stefani told the magazine. “[It’s great to] see how we’ve both become more romantic and caring for each other simply because we’ve seen how beautiful it is to have come this far together and started a new chapter in our lives.”

The blonde pop singer said she loves how raising her two sons – Kingston, 2, and newborn, Zuma — with Rossdale and as a result, it has strengthened their bonds.

“Gavin loves being a dad and he wants to have a bigger family, too,” she said. “I feel we’re closer in many ways now that we’re building something together outside our own crazy relationship.

But not only has their marriage been strengthened, Stefani said she has found more joy in her personal life thanks to the addition of children.

“I feel happier now,” she said. “I know every mother must feel this way, but watching your child grow up and learn new things every day is one of the greatest and purest pleasures you can have.”

Though she loves being a mother, Stefani noted she is deeply committed to working on her multifaceted career which includes a solo career, fronting No Doubt and designing for L.A.M.B.

“I love the rush that comes with work,” she told the mag. “Work has always been my way out of despair or anguish because it focuses you and I’ve always drawn a lot of strength from the things I’ve achieved in my life. I never want to stop working. I can’t”

She may be financially secure — with homes in Los Angeles and London, but Stefani also revealed she is extremely driven.

“I never think that I’ve got it made. I have a good life, I’m happy, but you always worry about staying relevant and not living up to expectations,” she said. “You don’t want to disappoint people and that pressure is kind of healthy in a way because your fear keeps you at a creative pitch… I know I have to keep finding inspiration and looking to get to the next level.”


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