"Gwen Stefani Meets Steven Tyler Through Me" And "Gwen Stefani Goes Bowling!"


Aww! I found this really cute website, meetthefamous.com, and in one of the stories a guy shares that he was the one who introduced Gwen and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler at the 1997 MTV VMAs. Look at Gwen! She’s so cute!

This photo was taken at a hotel during the MTV VMA’s, which 10-15 years ago used to be good. Here’s the story…

Gwen was going back to her hotel and Steven was leaving the hotel to go to a book signing. I was in the midst of posing with Gwen and Steven jumped in the photo.

After it was taken, Gwen introduced herself to Tyler and he didn’t know who she was. Talk about getting off on the right foot.

Look closely in the back and you can see the bass player of Aerosmith Tom Hamilton…

Also, another story entitled “Gwen Stefani Goes Bowling!”


I have to admit there are not many celebrities that make me star struck anymore, but last night while waiting outside of the Lucky Strikes Bowling Alley in Los Angeles, I almost died when we spotted the one and only Gwen Stefani leaving the Private Party.

Our friend nearly burst into tears when she saw Gwen, which I think helped convince Gwen to stop and take the picture with us. The only problem was that the only person around to take the picture for us was none other then Gavin Rossdale, Gwen’s Husband! Sorry Gavin, but we love Gwen more!

Aww! Lucky fans! Hopefully our day will come — we can’t wait!

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