Gwen Stefani: Lead Singer Disease


MSN posted a new slideshow of photos featuring lead singers from bands who broke the mold and found themselves outside of the band. Kind of rude commentary, but a sweet photo of Gwen was included. The article is featured on the main page, and Gwen is in the banner.

No Doubt were once a band. They came from Orange County. They were kind of ska. They worked hard, rode around in vans, played to small clubs. People didn’t really notice. Then they made a big hit album (“Tragic Kingdom,” 1995) and everyone noticed that the lead singer was really skinny and kind of sexy. Her name was Gwen Stefani. After a period of resisting, Stefani surrendered to Lead Singer Disease before the follow-up album was done. Granted, she was a natural focal point for an otherwise unremarkable-looking bunch of dudes. But Stefani got the full-blown glamour treatment, which didn’t quite suit her band’s rough-edged image. So away went the rough edges. Then she made a solo album, full of pop hits, multimillion-dollar videos and fashion spreads. Now the band is getting back together for an album and tour. Wonder who gets the biggest dressing room.

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  1. Well that was beyond rude. Gwen still has her rough edges. She kicks ass just as much now as she did back than. We all still love her and always will. We love the guys too. No Doubt wouldn’t be No doubt without the 4 of them..

  2. “unremarkable-looking bunch of dudes”?!?! that article must have been written by a guy, adrian and tom are so attractive, and anyone who sees tony knows he is the most attractive person on the planet!

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