Gwen Snapchats from ‘Truth’ Tour Rehearsals (Updated)

Ooh! Gwen treated fans to an inside look at what seem like live rehearsals for her upcoming tour on Snapchat which included a sneak peek at what songs she’s preparing. From the looks of it, Gwen has been rehearsing tracks from her new album including “Naughty”, “Obsessed”, “Red Flag”, “Send Me a Picture” and even a short clip of “Where Would I Be?” (which we’re loving her vocal interpretation on). Freaking out over here! She continued to share clips throughout the week including her rehearsing “Send Me A Picture”, “Truth” and “Rare”.

Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Snapchat
Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Snapchat

Gwen also shared photos of her new band that will be hitting the road with her, including Stephen Bradley.

Gwen’s tour kicks off July 12 in Massachusetts and will be performing exclusively earlier in Toronto for Microsoft’s WBC conference.

Which songs are you looking forward to the most on the upcoming tour? We’re excited (and surprised!) to see that she’ll be performing bonus tracks that aren’t on the standard album including “Obsessed”.

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  1. So excited to see Gwen live in KC!! My Principal, art teacher and I the music teacher will be there! Love you so much for giving God credit!

  2. I see Crash. I never understood why she didn’t play it on TSE tour. It got everyone so pumped. I’m praying for Rare (but it’s her fav so she has to), Serious and the Real Thing!

  3. I’m sad she’s going to nearly torture us with spark the fire again. I really hope she does truth and asking 4 it as well!

  4. I’m surprised she may do obsessed! I think crash and rocket ship medley together would be epic!

  5. Everyone get your lighters ready!! We are gonna be sparking some fires!!!!!!!!

    I hope we get some fire, cloud, pizza, donut and cherry emojis on stage (left over from the voice performance) !!!!!

  6. If my husband didn’t take my very explicit hints and buy me tix to Atl for my bday, we are divorcing.

  7. Spark the fire should be left out… That song is nooot good at all!
    I like Baby don’t lie, though!
    Hope she performs Truth, Rare, Me without you, Getting Warmer and Loveable.

  8. I’m hoping for Getting Warmer and Rocket Ship could be cool live too.

    Side note I strongly dislike the boxed letter props.

  9. I don’t think getting warmer would do it justice live but I’d be super interested in hearing it. I don’t think she’d do loveable or war paint since they weren’t in the target editions. I feel like she will do either me without you or truth ca use she will also perform used to love you, cool, 4 in the morning and maybe early winter so that’s a lot of ballads. I think there’s 0% chance of the real thing cause she said it makes her sick. Obviously she’ll do the singles from first 2 albums (minus NTYGI) I don’t see her doing any non singles from Lamb or Tse since the setlist will be pretty full unless she does a short medley of a few like the Mastercard shows. Just some thoughts. I find waiting for the setlist to be the most exciting part of this era aside from the album track list!

  10. Even though she said it made her sick, didn’t she perform it since being split from Gavin? So I think it’s possible she could again. Like she decided to even though it made her sick… Even if it makes her sick she probably realizes it’s one of her best songs and she’s performed it on both major solo tours even though it’s not a single. I’m gonna cry if she doesn’t do it haha. BUT DAMMIT DO SERIOUS AGAIN. It was so good live the first time and it got everyone pumped and it made me love the song even more than I already did.

    1. That’s true. I guess it could take on new meaning for her and she might relate it to blake. I’d be happy with serious and danger zone. Those are the only 2 songs that weren’t singles from LAMB and TSE that I’d really like her to do. But again she never did Serious again after her first tour cause it made her feel sick from the pregnancy.

  11. Also I hope she picks The Real Thing, Serious and Crash over a lot of non-singles from this album. :/ And I really hope she performs Truth over Me Without You. But I’m almost completely certain she’s going to perform truth because the album and tour and hashtag merchandise are all named after it!! I hope she doesn’t reduce some of the classics into a short medley.

  12. Getting Warmer and Naughty are my two main hopes for the tour, and I have a weird feeling she isn’t going to play cool

  13. I kinda wish she’d retire BDL and STF… She has so many classic hits and a whole album full of new songs, she really doesn’t need to remind people of these two failures from 2014. I don’t think fans expect her to play these two songs anyways and casual concert goers probably don’t even know them.

    1. Very true, specially since they were commercial flops. There are so many good songs on LAMB and TSE. IMO, she should replace both and add more songs from the new album, including the bonus tracks (Loveable would be a nice treat, it’s way better than BDL).

  14. I agree YYY, there are better songs that most would rather hear.

    I want to hear everything from the new album!! Yes, I’m selfish 😀

  15. Omg! So beautiful watching her rehearsing “Rare”. This song needs to be a single. It’s like the new “Cool”.

  16. So glad she is doing Rare on tour. Yay! That is in my top 5 of the new ones. I like so many hard to narrow down…the one with Fetty would be a choice but that one she won’t be doing so my next choice is Truth, Me Without You and Naughty.

  17. Baby Don’t Lie peaked higher on the Billboard Hot 100 than Used to Love You or Make Me Like You, and also charted in more countries than either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Just because it got a lot of post-divorce buzz doesn’t mean it translated to being a bigger chart success. I’m not sure if Used to Love You eventually sold more copies (I know it was certified gold), but I think it’s worth pointing out that BDL charted higher and in more countries globally.

    I showed that song to all my friends and they loved it, and I have a lot good memories with it. I’m really excited to see it live.

    1. BDL peaked higher but only for 1 week. It had no longevity at all. UTLY and MMLY spent some weeks on the Hot 100 and sold far more. You can’t compare singles’ performance on the charts based on its peak position only.

  18. Agreed with NDlover, Used To Love You and Make Me Like You were way more successful overall than Baby Don’t Lie and Spark The Fire due to their longeitivity. Spark The fire didn’t even chart and it seems like Misery is in the same boat. Baby Don’t Lie fell off the chart within two weeks

  19. I’m saying when you call a song a flop but it got a higher chart position it isn’t completely fair. I know that Used to Love You had more longevity but I think BDL gained a fair share of popularity and radio play too. And I think it’s better than people give it credit for.

  20. I personally don’t care for BDL, but I agree with Bradley that it was a moderate success for her. And remember, she didn’t even promote it! I would still prefer for it to be left out of the setlist to make room for new stuff though. It seems that BDL/STF will split fans like what It’s My Life does to ND fans. LOL

  21. Definitely Truth and Rare! I just found Loveable and War Paint and like both of them and it would be an awesome surprise if they were in the mix. I’ll be happy with any of the songs though I love them all! I read an article that ticket sales are low. Anyone know anything about that? I’m sooooo looking forward to seeing her in ATL!

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