Gwen Signing Being Held On September 10 At Sephora Soho

Good news to you New Yorkers! Gwen will be in town for Fashion Night Out, and she will be making an appearance at the Sephora Soho in New York City at 8:00 PM to promote the new line of Harajuku Lovers fragrance, Wicked Style. The first 100 fans there who purchase the special full set will recieve a wrist band and then put in a line to meet Gwen and and have their newly fragrance set signed! How lucky would that be! Thanks so much to Mojetta from the forum for sharing the information with us!

I just spoke to the fragrance specialist at the SoHo store. Gwen is scheduled to be there at 8pm on 9/10. The store will be shut down the public and only VIP’s and those first 100 people will be there. Everyone gets a photo with Gwen and an autograph. She wasn’t sure when the event specific fragrance would go on sale but promised to call me with updates. At this point she doesn’t think it will go onsale prior to 8pm, but who knows. I will also keep calling as the time gets closer to confirm.

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  1. You can only purchase the set that day right? And do you think there will be a long line to buy it? Should I arrive really early and campout?

  2. OMG please jenny keep me posted…i had a job interview in NYC and I might be there after all will have to meet up with some ND’ers in NYC to help hold a spot omg this is incredible.

  3. Bohdi, My office is like 2 seconds away from the SOHO store, but I’m not off until 6:30. I’m afraid that will be too late. Urgh I so want to go though!

  4. My mom says i can’t camp out because it’s dangerous. Wonder I there is any other way. If one of you guys are there, save me a spot lol 🙂

  5. thanks amy for letting me know. Man 100bucks to buy perfume that i’ll never use just to meet gwen. I wish she could sign my no doubt stuff instead, oh well best of luck to those who try.

  6. AMY! i will mos def let you know if I get the job…we’ll have to figure something out but i would be down to hold a spot for you..if i end up there. keep in touch!

  7. I am definitely going!! I am so excited! I go to school in White Plains, NY so I will be taking the train to the city Friday and going straight to Sephora. It would be great to be there with other cool no doubters! and I’m the same way, $100ish to buy the perfume, but really it is $100 to meet Gwen, which will be a priceless experience. 🙂

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