Update: Gwen Closing Out ‘Truth’ Tour in Irvine Oct. 29 and 30


Photo courtesy of LiveNation
Photo courtesy of LiveNation

Gwen called in to Ryan Seacrest’s morning show on 102.7 KIIS FM and announced that she will be closing out her This Is What the Truth Feels Like tour in Irvine, California on both October 29 and 30. Tickets for the shows go on-sale next Friday, September 16, via LiveNation.com with a pre-sale happening on this Tuesday, September 13, at 10:00AM. Tickets range from $29.95-$149.95.

She will be joined by opening acts Save Ferris and Young the Giant. There is no mention of Eve performing at the shows.

Gwen feels honored to be the last artist to perform at the iconic Irvine Meadows amphitheater before it closes. She recalled playing there for the first time back when No Doubt opened for Ziggy Marley and is expecting the shows to be emotional for everyone.

When asked if No Doubt would make a surprise reunion during the shows, Gwen said that “you never know what’s going to happen” and didn’t confirm either way. In an interview with OC Register, the article mentions that Gwen has yet to approach the rest of the band to appear but shared a similar answer from her saying, “You know what? You never say never. You never know what can happen.” (Tom, Tony and Adrian have since confirmed that they will NOT be joining Gwen in Irvine.)

Gwen spoke about how she relied on her faith and music to help her through this past year and expressed how much she’s just loving living in the moment when asked if she would ever consider marrying again.

Listen to the full interview below courtesy of OnAirWithRyan.com that aired on 102.7 KIIS FM.

46 Replies to “Update: Gwen Closing Out ‘Truth’ Tour in Irvine Oct. 29 and 30”

  1. a) She’s pregnant.
    b) Reunion tour and album with ND.
    c) New collection of sunglasses/watches/toilet paper.
    d) She will be a judge on The Voice again.

    Pick the right answer.

  2. Jenny, do you know anything about this ND live concert that was released on Spotify today? It’s a concert from 1995, why was this released now?

  3. Tony just tweeted, that No Doubt will not be playing the final Irvine Meadows show. I think it’s safe to say RIP No Doubt. If things were good between the band they would be showing up.

  4. Is it just me that feels like Tom isn’t on good terms with Gwen at all and isn’t really afraid to hint at that? Gwen probably didn’t even ask them about the possibility of performing and Tom’s already confirming they won’t and only he is posting it ? It seems to me like there’s a problem there, although I can’t imagine what it would be. But it is none of my business either way

  5. Agree, it seems to be a problem with him, not the first indication. Don’t know what tho but he was pretty quick to post that and make that statement.
    He closed the door to any communication about it and I wonder if the other guys agree?

  6. Or maybe he’s just trying to clear things up for fans so they don’t get their hopes up. Why is Tom always made out to be the bad guy? I appreciate his willingness to communicate with fans. Otherwise we wouldn’t know anything ever!

    Tony also said on Twitter that ND would not be performing.

  7. Something must have happened around the time they did all those festivals last summer…I’m still blown away that she didn’t just go in and write with the guys when she was feeling creative due to the divorce…why is no one asking her that in interviews? I understand that maybe she needed a fresh start but I honestly feel that if they were on good terms to begin with then she wouldn’t even be on a solo tour right now.

    Gwen has every right to sing ND songs while on tour, but that doesn’t make sense to me either…I think it got started because Blake liked to see her perform Hella Good, and at some private parties they requested that she sing Don’t speak, but just a girl and underneath it all just feels wrong to me. It’s my life makes sense because it’s just a cover anyway, but underneath it all? I used to think that maybe Gwen said she was never going on tour again because she didn’t want to sing ExGirlfriend or Simple Kind of Life because of her divorce, but underneath it all is a freaking love song about Gavin…it makes no sense! Definitely just makes me think the band isn’t getting along….which is a shame because my dream is that they get inducted into the hall of fame next year, and if they do then they better suck it up and get along!!! 🙁 if Courtney Love and Dave Grohl can do it then so can they!

    Also I swear if one more Shefani jerk bullies another ND fan I’m going to explode…somebody commented on Tony’s post saying GOOD SHE DOESNT NEED YOU ANYWAY! How rude is that?! That’s probably another reason Gwen performs ND songs, because she thinks these people are her fans and they say shit like that! Not to mention half of them don’t even know what songs are her’s and what songs are No Doubt’s so they just request random ones, and she thinks that’s what people want to hear…which we do, but with ND!!! 🙁 okay rant over, those are my theories and I’m sad and mad but I love her new album but I hate her new fans and this sucks okay bye! 🙂

  8. Gwen is the bad guy here, not Tom!! Gwen could have easily said that ND would not be appearing this time around, instead she chooses to toy with us and abuse her power to sell more tickets. I’m glad Tom and Tony confirmed any misconceptions.

  9. Hi, I have been reading this site for a while but this is my first time commenting. Thanks BSO team for keeping us always updated!
    I think neither Gwen nor Tom are bad guys here.
    In my opinion Gwen sad “you never know” to the guys coming to Irvine because she’s really in a fase where she believes in the surprises of life. But yeah, she shouldn’t have sad that cause she made us all excited and now we’re all frustrated.
    In other hand, I think Tom shouldn’t have made that announcement the way he did. Although I understand some fans (especially some of the shefani ones who didn’t know much about ND) can be really disrespectful, he didn’t allow the fans who really care about them to comment either.
    I personally felt very heart broken. Not because they are not playing this concerts (as someone sad on Twitter) but because now we know there is bad blood between them. And I have always admired their friendship. I hope they can get along again in the future and I’ll forever love and support all of them.
    *sorry if I made some mistake. English is my second language.

  10. Wow, not cool Gwen. I am annoyed she hinted NXD might play Irvine and they clearly are not. Comes off as a cheap ploy to sell more tickets. Thank you to Tom and Tony for clearing this up. She has said and done some things in regards to the band that are pretty obnoxious. I thought it was pretty insulting that she said I write all the lyrics and melodies and they write chords and said it like “people can write chords all day”. Kind of a slap in the face. That with her running her mouth on the singles tour and Push and Shove. I honestly wish she would just stop talking about the band because a lot of what she has said lately does not bode well. Still having hope whatever is broken can be repaired.

  11. What are you guys talking about? Gwen didn’t say anything about ND joining her. Crazy fans assumed they would and that is why Tom and Tony cleared things up.

    You really want them to hate each other, don’t you? You just can’t accept that the guys and Gwen are both better off without ND and that all of them are actually happy at the moment and that’s why you need to believe that they all hate each other and that it is all Gwen’s fault lol.

  12. Adrian also confirmed ND will not be performing. You know it’s a big deal if he speaks up LOL I don’t understand why the guys are getting so much hate on social media. I think their intention is to make sure No Doubt fans don’t buy tickets and end up being disappointed. It’s now crystal clear it’s a solo show for Gwen. I personally thank them for handling this quickly!

    1. I agree, for all 3 of the boys to make a statement on social media, its a big deal (Especially Adrian).

      It’s a solo show for Gwen, with a special guest appearance by Blake, not No Doubt 🙁

  13. No need to put words in people’s mouths. I don’t think most fans wants No Doubt to hate each other and not be happy doing there own thing. I personally think it’s sad and disappointing to hear some of the things Gwen had said or done. I would rather hear her say we are happy doing our own thing and skip over the negative talk.

    Also, no one just assumed out of the blue NXD would be playing together. Gwen was asked and said “you never know”. Which led fans to think given past history of them playing at her shows , it could be an option. Hence why fans were asking. Gwen could have said “at this point there are no plans for that. That would have been the more appropriate thing to say instead of getting fans hopes up. And no one is crazy for thinking a reunion could have happened. Glad the record was set straight, fans deserve the honesty(in regards to NXD playing Irvine together).

  14. I would just expect Gwen Stefani to show a little more personal and professional respect towards the band, that’s all. Since they aren’t playing why would she suggest in any way that we “never know” when it’s already confirmed and we do know?

  15. Yes @ Robin the words respect and integrity towards fans and the band came to my mind. Amanda, I think it’s sad people are blasting the guys and agree with everything you said. Another reason I wish Gwen had never said anything.

  16. I don’t understand why people are mad at the band. I think it’s very clear that the guys just wanted to make it very clear to the fans that they wouldn’t be showing up so no one is disappointed and or wastes money they otherwise wouldn’t have spent.

    Clearly somethings up, it doesn’t really help to speculate and no one knows the real story so it’s unfair to place blame, but I gotta say, Gwen’s “you never know” was entirely manipulative and misleading and seems a little desperate to sell tickets.

    I’m from so cal and am going to the last forum show. I’m not sure Gwen, even being form OC can sell out two shows at IM anymore. It’s just unfortunate that she has no problem playing with ND fans. It’s all just really sad

  17. I’d put Blink and Gwen at IM if I wanted a sell out and make it an iconic SoCal show. It’s clear Gwen has more media training then any of the four. She knew what she was saying/doing. Tired of the guys looking bad. It’s really easy to say this just came up, I don’t know what type of show it will be. It was a BIG deal ND sold out four nights. Gwen isn’t selling out anything right now. Not snark #Truth

  18. Gwen is not manipulative, or trying to sell tickets or being fake. If you listen to her radio interviews she is always refreshingly upfront and honest.
    Her answering the way she did was to clearly leave that door open, which Tom rushed to shut, followed by the others.
    It’s not the Gwen and Blake show, if he guests it is one song, that’s it and he may even be on the road doing his own concerts those nites. She said she was devastated by that venue closing, so clearly she is sentimental about the memories there, so I say there was a good chance she was going to invite them to be part of the last act to perform there.
    They are benefitting from her tour and music since a lot of newer fans are buying ND albums. Most of them are very familiar and informed on the guys and music. Also she spent a lot of time talking about them and their history together, on the Harold Stern show and didn’t seem like she had any animosity at all.
    People were upset with them cause it looked like it was very deliberate and cold to respond so quickly like they did.

  19. I agree that Gwen’s statement seemed genuinely like she was open to it happening (the guys joining her), because it’s happened before (in Irvine lol). It’s interesting to me that they aren’t down. Like I said before I think it’s just weird they are passing opportunities to be ND, when I had the impression the guys were always ready and waiting. I seems like they got tired of waiting. They have showed zero support for this era, and I think silence kind of says it all. Still going to go to the show though, might as well.

    1. The guys were always ready but Gwen never was. Her recent comments make it sound like it was a tired chore to be with No Doubt. She just wants to do her solo thing. She now is just in her own little bubble that only includes Blake and her crappy pop solo music.

  20. It is really sad that the Shefani fans are so awful. They do not know a thing about No Doubt or the relationships. They are this new era of people who believe gossip magazines and everything they read are making the guys out to be petty. Like seriously? They write the songs and they are family. How in the world is them telling fans that got hope from Gwen’s unclear message petty? I thought that No Doubt would play from her words so I am happy I know. I also pray she does not play ND songs. That would be so wrong in this venue especially.

  21. I personally was fine having the door left open for ND to perform — even if the boys didn’t end up coming I would’ve just like to think the possibility was out there in the universe. Based on the wording I don’t think Gwen was being manipulative; I think in gwen’s perfect world they WOULD be there and she would also get to do her solo stuff. She wants her cake and to eat it too–and I get of course get why the boys would not want to be her back up and would have wanted ND or else, and were realistically not happy not getting offered to close out the show as a group. I think how one interprets the intent of that answer is a perfect litmus test for how much one, personally, blames Gwen for having gone solo at all… No more, no less.

    In any case, I’m not sure I’m happier in a world having confirmation that there is bad blood bw Gwen and the boys and now really thinking they are not gonna play together again for the foreseeable future. So yeah, I wish the rebuttal wasn’t so swift… The way things are going I’m gonna be in my 50s when they all grace the stage again… If at all. :-/

  22. I don’t believe it’s manipulative to sell tickets either. I think Gwen says those things like “you never know what’s going to happen” because then fans don’t get upset with her, just like she kept saying a couple years ago that she was working on both ND and solo songs (yeah, she lied lol)… It seems to me she’s trying to save face.
    When she started to sing ND songs on her shows, I found it hard to believe she would be doing it without getting the OK from the boys, then it tourned out she never really asked them about it – judging for what she said in that interview w Howard Stern. And also Tom’s tweet that made it very clear that he wasn’t happy with her choice to sing ND songs.

    Or maybe she really would be open to having the band join her for a few songs. In that case, she doesn’t realize that the guys probably resent her right now… I find it hard to believe that too, but it’s still a possibility since she seems to be living in a little bubble lately, like I read above lol

  23. “You never know!” is a very vague answer, maybe yes, maybe no and offers no real information. Gwen’s team has known about this for while. Those shirts with Irvine on the back were printed weeks ago. She has had enough time speak to ND and know if they were coming. A #truth would be “we haven’t discussed that, I would love for them to join me. You never know”. or “They won’t be joining me, I would love it if that were possible”. I mean she has had enough time to think of an answer to a reunion that would be fully honest , not sound evasive, or be interpreted as misleading( and yes, it is a possibility she didn’t really intend to mislead people). Whatever her intent was, people did interpret it as a reunion and asked. It was honest for the guys to say “No, sorry, we won’t be there”. We don’t get a lot of answers from the band and I am glad fans got the truth instead of being disappointed at the show.

    I don’t blame Gwen for the bad blood. She has every right to want to work solo. If the guys were waiting for her all this time, they should have just formed a second band after Sweet Escape was released. I don’t know all the messiness of what happened between them, but I am sure the hurt is both ways. I find the whole thing sad. Together for 30 years, lifelong friends, and now things are dissolving in the last few years. I think I feel more upset over their friendship unraveling then the prospect of no new music or band appearances.

  24. Gwen is over. No one cares about her anymore, no one cares about her music, she’s old and boring. But she chose to be that way, she don’t want to be unique anymore, she chose to be like any other pop artist and that’s why she sucks now. Plus, she’s acting really selfish lately, that’s not nice. Poor her, she’s trying so hard, the more she tries the more she flops, lol. Sorry but this is the ugly truth.

  25. speculation:

    nd could’ve played those shows as a band. it would’ve been the more logical/sentimental move to have no doubt shutdown that venue as one of the biggest oc bands of all time. gwen probably could’ve made that happen. she didn’t. they were a family. feelings get hurt. nd woulda sold out those shows fast. it’s a shame. especially for long time local fans.

    i know for a fact that tom has rolled his eyes at the mention of gwen in social settings. believe me or not. your call.

    i’m sure there’s a little bit of deja vu for the boys. gwen met gavin. big rock star. tralala. now gwen has her country star. tralala.

    as a longtime nd fan, this low-key drama is disappointing — but it’s what happens with bands. will they reunite in 5 years? maybe. can they recapture the chemistry they once had? maybe? eh.

    i hope the boys can find success with their new venture. perhaps when gwen’s head returns from the love clouds, she will reach out. either way, i will treasure the nd albums i have and all the memories of the 20 (30?) plus concerts I’ve attended over the years.

    do well, doubt not.

  26. The boys are really good musicians and to give credit where credit is due, Gwen’s current band couldn’t outdo them in terms of talent. But the truth of the matter is, Gwen is the genius behind the band. She wrote the lyrics AND the melody, which is essentially the entire song. The boys arranged the music which was all good when ska was popular, but that era is over.

    Just because i am shefani doesn’t mean i’m not a longtime gwen fan since her ND days, but it has always been gwen’s story and lyrics that interested me. Certainly, no one is stopping the boys from exploring their own musical talents and coming up with materials of their own.

    Everybody should just move on and find their own happiness, there’s no need to constantly latch on to gwen and blame her for them not going anywhere with their careers. If the sponsors felt they needed the band to be there, they would have insisted on it, but as it is they were right.

    The Irvine show just sold out on her own merit so to all the haters out there, there’s no need to feel too important because apparently, how you feel about this didn’t matter at all. GWEN’s STORY. GWEN’s LYRICS. GWEN’s MELODY.

    1. I agree. I couldn’t believe how quickly the Irvine show sold out! it was probably just easier to only get Gwen instead of inviting the whole band to play, especially now that she’s playing ND songs on her own. I too got the vibe as though Gwen might’ve wanted a guest appearance from the boys but the quick rejection from them kinda put a sock in it before they even talked it out.

      To all the people who say Gwen’s life choices ended the band, you have to realize a lot of their success was due to her. So no matter where they are now, they are better off for having made the choice to have Gwen be a part of the band all those years ago. They kinda owe a lot of their success to the hot female lead identity.

      As for the rest, Gwen being “over”, I don’t think it is even possible to “end” Gwen Stefani at this point – no matter how her concert are selling. Judging by the number of events she’s been invited to perform at this year alone, she’s still pretty hot. Not to mention she seems to have a hundred other business ventures going on the side.

      Bottom line: Let’s everyone move on. I am excited to see what the boys come up with minus Gwen. And how well they do on sales.

  27. All for people moving on to musical ventures. To see their 30year friendship dissolve is sad. The old ND would be playing together or the guys least attend the shows.

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