Gwen Shares She’s “Feeling Competitive” On ‘The Voice’

Photo courtesy of YouTube/NBC.
Photo courtesy of YouTube/NBC

Parade has shared a new interview with Gwen in anticipation of her return to The Voice for season 9. She wants her team to take the top prize this season (and is hoping to be the first female coach to do so) and talked to Parade about her techniques and what she’s looking forward to in the next few months.

When asked if she’s continuing to use the “mothering” strategy while mentoring, Gwen says it depends on who is on her team. She shares that she’s working with a boy who just turned 15 and felt “quite motherly toward him”. Gwen says that in her role she does nothing but root for her team so she does take on the role quite naturally. “I think it is such a refreshing role to play in my life. I think being on the show is one of the favorite things I have ever done. Just being around music in a new way and getting to hear everybody’s stories and be so inspired, and to see people improve, and to see yourself have an impact on people, it’s so rewarding.”

On styling her team throughout the season, Gwen says that there is only so much she can do since The Voice has a style team of their own. “I don’t know how much I am supposed to say but there is one circumstance that went down that was a success. Sometimes if you’re in the right outfit, for me, it can create a whole character and a whole confidence you didn’t know you had. Am I going out shopping and picking out clothes for these people? No. But I am talking about it and giving ideas.”

On her own success, Gwen says that if she tried out for The Voice now she feels like she wouldn’t make past the Blinds. “Then again, you do never know. There’s no way for anyone to understand what makes us turn our chairs.” Gwen also reminisces about the early days in No Doubt and said that every part of the band’s success has been exciting — from playing underground shows to television performances.

Her strategy this season (and what she finds is the most important thing) is wanting to get her team’s stories and truth out there. She loves digging into their personalities and finding that emotion that will shine through for them. “We work on that a lot and that is a hard thing to get across. Some people come on stage and you know them right away. Other people you don’t. They have to work at trying to reveal themselves.”

Photo courtesy of NBC.

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