Gwen Shares A Set Of New Photos (Updated)

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Gwen has once again updated her social networks with a brand new set of photos taken from a homemade shoot recently. She looks stunning!

Gwen also put together a quick video with the new photos using “The Real Thing” as the background music and shared it on her accounts.

Click here to see more photos.

Christina has put together an inspiration of Gwen’s gorgeous 60s mod makeup!

60s mod make up

12 Replies to “Gwen Shares A Set Of New Photos (Updated)”

  1. @Lena yes critics and fans have compared the song to gwens solo work. It also helped revive hollaback girl to some degree on the itunes chart and helped the video gain a lot more views on youtube.

  2. The Real Thing?! I love hearing solo music in the background of photo montages

    Keep it comin, G

  3. New music please….. 🙂 Hopefully solo with some really inspired producers. We all know you are pretty. This is suppose to be about music. Yes, you are beautiful and we all know it. There is only one Gwen but we don’t get music just pics.

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