Gwen Says Working on Fashion Is “Relaxing”

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Gwen spoke with Hello! magazine during her latest L.A.M.B. presentation at NYFW and said that working on fashion is “relaxing” and a “learning process.”

Though she admits that she loves both fashion and music, she finds working on her lines relaxing because it’s less draining for her. “For me, fashion is less emotional than music and it’s not such a big drain. But I love them both. I guess out of all the artistic things I do, music is the most rewarding because it’s so hard to write songs. It’s so hard to believe it’s going to happen and then, once it does, it’s just addictive.”

Gwen has also come to take disappointment in things as learning experiences and opportunities, especially in fashion. “I think the biggest evolution has been finding how, even with disappointment, some really great things are born out of that. I have learned to see those situations as opportunities to make great things. It’s been a learning process because I’m not trained. I didn’t go to school for this so I’m just doing everything through feeling and from the heart.”

Photo courtesy of Refinery 29.

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