Gwen Says No New Material Will Be Played On Tour; "Stand And Deliver" Not Intended As A Single


Well that stinks. Thanks to Rosie for the heads up again (we’re at work and cannot listen to the interview ourselves), but Gwen just gave an interview with Cleveland’s Q104, and she just said that the band will not be whipping out new material on the tour. Well, I mean the tour isn’t till May, that’s another 3 months, maybe there still is hope?

Let’s hope the band doesn’t consider “Stand and Deliver” a new song, we want to hear that one!

We will update with the interview later tonight or tomorrow morning for everyone. But for now, thanks to Rosie for “the breakdown” today.

The segments are pretty short-she was just on again saying how being pregnant is so physical and takes you out of your normal world and out of your body,but she said she is so happy to her her baby Zuma and how her babies will be coming out on the tour.The DJ joked that maybe Kingston could n the shows with Paramore 😛

she did confirm in another interview today that Stand and Deliver was never intended to be a single; she said ND was approached by the Gossip Girl people and asked to take part in an episode where there would be an 80’s flashback section.

So will ND be dressing up in 80s? We cannot wait to see this!

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