Gwen Reveals She’s Writing Again and In the Studio

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In a new interview on the orange carpet of the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards with Entertainment Tonight, Gwen revealed that she’s working on several projects at the moment including writing new music! She shares that she was just in the studio last week but didn’t want to say why at this time. When asked if she’s working on any collaborations, Gwen says “hopefully” and shares that one of her favorite things is to collaborate with other artists.

“I just went into the studio last week, I don’t know, I’m not gonna say why… but just a little writing… and I have lots of little projects coming up.”

She seems to have been back-and-forth with the idea of putting out new music in the last few months but may have been bitten by the creative bug again. In January, Gwen shared with WWD saying that she wasn’t sure she was going to make new music and felt like she was “definitely at the end of a chapter.” It’s exciting to hear that she’s working and writing again and we’re curious to hear what she’s up to. Coaches on The Voice typically use the show as a platform to promote new music so we’re crossing our fingers for something sooner rather than later.

What does everyone think Gwen is working on?

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  1. I still can’t believe what a fantastic album Truth is, so I’m definitely excited to hear some more! Hopefully it’s an actual album and not just some stuff for a movie or TV show. If it is, I hope Start A War will in some way be part of it, at least as a bonus track. She must have noticed that her fans are dying to hear it!

    1. I agree 100% with everything you just said. A brand new genius album and then some scrapped tracks as bonus tracks (namely start a war, you don’t know me, lifting you, etc) would make my life complete 😀

      1. ”Truth” genius? You must be joking right? L.A.M.B. was genius, Return of Saturn was genius

        Anyway, I hope with this album she steps up her game musically and makes pop music that’s more original and with better production values.

        1. Truth is a good sounding album from her heart, with simple production. I would love a more thought out album that has more time to resonate with her and maybe get a few different producers and writers though and go for a few different sounds. I love the concept of truth, I just want something different this time around.

  2. It’s a gonna be a duets country album with Blake.
    Lol, I’m half kidding BUT I wouldn’t be surprised.
    I’m game for anything at this point. It’s just exciting that she’s working on/thinking about new music

    1. Absolutely! I think it would make a great charity single or something, because then fans could hear it, but it could still be clear that it s just a song she loved but not written by her and not attached to an album of hers. It would still fulfill her desire to only release music she wrote, but not pretend that amazing performance didn’t happen. I guess….haha that was ranty, but yes, Start A War would be an amazing release. 🙂

      1. Doesn’t she have co-writing credit with Sia on SAW? Anyway, without inciting any kind of political debate, I’ve always thought the title might potentially be problematic given the current political climate. I do really hope it gets the studio treatment and gets released in some form. It’s so, sooooo good, and especially if she got Sia to feature on it (e.g. Gwen Stefani ft. Sia or a proper full duet = Gwen Stefani & Sia), I could see the song totally blow up on the charts. Maybe they could rethink and re-jig the title a bit, like “(Don’t) Start a War”, or some such since that’s the actual lyric in the chorus anyway.

  3. I’ve read in multiple sources that there’s a new Eminem collab on the way, for his new album. Oddly enough, the news came out precisely when she said she was on the studio.

    I love Truth, but yes, I would love a thought out album like LAMB aka Pop Masterpiece of the 2000’s.

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