Gwen Reveals She Wants Both New No Doubt and Solo Albums

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Amazing news! Gwen revealed on the MTV VMAs red carpet last night to Access Hollywood that she wants both a new No Doubt album and a solo one of her own!

In the interview, Gwen stated that No Doubt has been writing new music and that she’s been working on “new music generally”, and when asked about a new solo album, she says that she “wants to do it all”.

“I’m doing new music… With new music, you never know when its going to happen exactly, but we are working on new music, on new No Doubt music, just new music generally.” On another solo release: “I’m not exactly sure what’s going to happen. I’m in this weird place where things just happen now. I don’t know what’s happening now, but I want to do both [a solo album and a No Doubt album]. I want to do it all.”

Though she doesn’t tell us anything about when we can expect to hear anything new, it’s being heavily rumored that a solo album is expected around Christmas this year. No Doubt had been working on new material together last year but had since been on another hiatus since last Spring. Gwen has confirmed on a few occasions now that she is indeed writing new music now for something “different”.

15 Replies to “Gwen Reveals She Wants Both New No Doubt and Solo Albums”

  1. I’m happy to see that she really wants new music out no matter what. At least we can count on that. I’m even happier she’s mentioned No Doubt and the possibility of another album.

  2. More elusive answers.
    What do you all think? This new solo music has been in “thinking/writing” purgatory for 9 months now. Every time Gwen actually talks about it, it seems to never develop any further. If she is in fact not hiding anything and telling the honest truth there is no way we are getting music this year. if it’s ND it’ll be a few years. I just hope all this new buzz will not materialize as branding projects.

    1. In my honest opinion, I think she’s choosing to be secretive about it. After all these names have come out about new music and being photographed in the studio — I think there is a definite plan in place. I see Gwen releasing something of her own towards the end of the year and possibly No Doubt putting out that album of unreleased material soon after or around the same time. It could work.

      Then I would like to see No Doubt release a new album of their own in 2015 as well as a world tour (which is long overdue). During the solo era, I could see Gwen really focusing and rebuilding all of her brands (which is already happening) which seems to benefit everyone in the long run. Seems like a very, very exciting time in her life and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  3. unless its an EP she releases followed by an No Doubt Album…the solo records seems to be more in support of her fashion lines. theres a lot more stufff goin on in the background that she is not sharin lol

  4. I’m sure she’s waiting for the right moment to finally reveal her plans. My guess is that she will be doing it on The Voice.

  5. I see a co-headlining tour as being smart. Seriously. Gwen Stefani AND No Doubt. Tone down the set list a little on each side and go out there. Fans want to hear both sets of her catalog, yet don’t want ND playing her solo stuff. Its a lot on her as she is 44 (Im not even that age and I couldn’t do it physically)

  6. For me, her musical career is becoming so incredible !
    And she seems to stay simple and happy after all years !

    whaou! whaou ! Happy Rock Lady ! Long life for gwen stefani !

  7. I’m seriously soooo glad she mentioned no doubt by name, I didn’t expect that, however I can’t get excited yet because I know what their time frames are like these days. It’s good news though 😀

  8. thank you so much jenny!! you really are a great web leader!! no one would do it better than you! & you do everything with class!

  9. One other thing i was gonna mention was about the “Harajuku Girls” — what do you guys think? Would you like to see them back or should Gwen give them the boot for the new era??

  10. I have mixed feelings about the Harajuku Girls. I mean they’re amazing dancers and I kinda missed them, but I think Gwen should give a chance to other professionals, outside her comfort zone. And you know how people are oversensitive on the internet. It just starts with a tweet of someone accusing Gwen of cultural appropriation…

  11. The Voice is so important for No Doubt. Do you realize HOW MANY endorsement deals and covers and products and shit she’s gonna get from this? By the end of this year she WILL be THE most adored and famous woman in the country. NO DOUBT about it. Period, end of story. And she can drop a few solo singles and then fuel a ND return with all that???? It’s not the 90s or the 00’s anymore- getting trendy and to the top can be done in such different ways now and it’s awesome to see the band embrace that rather than rely on tactics of their old management (who they departed ways with before this influx of No Doubt and Gwen). I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. More comments deleted??

    I know some are confident that Gwen has a plan, but I don’t really think that’s the case. I think she really is experimenting and trying to decide what direction she wants to go in. I’m sure she’s overwhelmed right now. I would be shocked if she actually had an album out this year. There just isn’t time.

    A co-headlining tour is a great idea.

  13. She is lying about ND working on new music. She’s just trying to not let people who like ND down. HA! It’s only been 10 years of letdowns for this band.

    And as far as “Gwen really focusing and rebuilding all of her brands (which is already happening) which seems to benefit everyone in the long run” That’s not true in the slightest. Do you not see that all of these things are why there is no No Doubt tour, why the last one was canceled, why the new music is not happening anymore. It’s solely because of her other ventures being so successful. There is no doubt about it. Go talk to someone in camp ND that is willing to be honest about it. She’s too successful in her other ventures to even want to work on ND or tour with them. You can’t deny it. Honestly boycotting her solo stuff and lamb would help more than supporting her.

    1. Something is up. She obviously has her Solo album together – in what, 5 minutes? But it’s been such a process writing and making music with ND? I love Gwen – and I will obsess about her music no matter what, but I think something is up with ND. I think something is making their process hard. And I don’t see ND yet on The Voice. As sweet as it is that Gavin has been around on that, where is Tony? He’s usually always with her for everything. I really have a bad feeling something is up with ND. I honestly it seems disrespectful that they’ve admitted coming out with new music has been so hard for ND, but she can put this solo album out right away? Even she wasn’t supposed to do any more solo albums?! Maybe it is easier for her to work with other producers and other artists and harder for her to work with ND these days. I just think something is up and I HOPE there will be another ND album. AND TOUR. (Co-headlining is kinda weird – it’s like No Doubt and then Gwen Stefani, by herself. I don’t know – I don’t like that idea, although it would be easiest). I love Gwen and I love ND and I just hope ND isn’t having problems 🙁 Please really put out a new album and please support Gwen’s solo album (I can’t even find the other band members sending supportive statements about it, which has me nervous).

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