Gwen Reveals She May “Do Some Shows” In Early 2016

Gwen and her fellow Voice coaches sat down with Extra prior to hitting the stage for last night’s live semifinal results show and was asked what her plans were while taking the next season off (former coach Christina Aguilera will be returning for season 10). “What am I going to do? I’m probably going to put out my record… do some shows…”. When asked if she’s planning a tour, Gwen says “maybe, yeah.”

While Gwen has shared that she wants to head back into the studio to continue writing, she’s still hoping to have her new album out in early 2016. If Gwen did plan on returning to The Voice for a later season (possibly season 11), filming may begin in summer 2016, so we could see Gwen taking full advantage of the new year into the spring and summer.

Gwen also revealed that she will be performing in the next few weeks for New Years Eve (which more than likely will feature her pre-recorded performance for Carson Daly’s annual New Years Eve program on NBC.)

12 Replies to “Gwen Reveals She May “Do Some Shows” In Early 2016”

  1. Exciting. I just can’t wait for the next single already. But hopefuly UTLY has still to grow on the charts.

  2. Yeah I’m definitely eager for a new song. Hopefully she will debut another song during the shows she mentioned. A late-winter/early-spring album release and a summer tour would be ideal! I’d love to see her in concert again!

  3. Come on you guys, was she gonna tell the interviewer “no”?? Let’s get the album first, see if it’s mildly successful & then we’ll see if there’s a tour.

    1. True, she probably won’t tour, but I see her doing more sporadic shows and hopefully they all won’t be MasterCard ones.

  4. Even if she does do some shows I can’t see her going on the road. It would probably be a couple shows at a venue like No Doubt did in 2012. But again let’s get the ball rolling on the album first. I hope she doesn’t keep holding it off.

  5. Hey Jenny! I think it would be fun and interesting if you make a post about “what are we (the fans) expecting the new album to sound like”. What do u think? 😀

  6. Gwen hasn’t had this amount of media attention since maybe the birth of her kids or her marriage, so I’d say she’s in better shape for a tour than she was say, last year. She really needs 2 or 3 solid singles to give her momentum, and I’d say a tour would definitely happen. We were spoiled in 2005 when we got WYWF, Rich Girl, Hollaback Girl, Cool, and Luxurious – all radio friendly, strong singles. I don’t love UTLY like I love those songs, but I’m hopeful for what else she’s got.

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