Gwen Reveals Official “Baby Don’t Lie” Single Artwork (Updated)

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It’s almost here! Gwen shared the official single artwork for “Baby Don’t Lie” with an announcement this morning that the track will be debuting everywhere on Monday! It looks incredible and very colorful.

The single somehow made its way online this morning with an alternate cover which is equally as cool. We’re so excited for Gwen and we hope the song makes a huge impact on the charts!

With all due respect to Gwen, we will not be sharing links to “Baby Don’t Lie” before it makes it’s debut on iTunes tomorrow, October 19.


Gwen has shared an additional version of the “Baby Don’t Lie” artwork featuring a different pose.


Siren Studios shared that the photographer of the shoot was Daniel Sannwald with Danilo assiting with hair and Gregory Arlt on makeup.

Photographer Sannwald also shared a photo of himself with Gwen on-set a couple of weeks back on Instagram.


Holla back @gwenstefani ! 👊💥

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25 Replies to “Gwen Reveals Official “Baby Don’t Lie” Single Artwork (Updated)”

  1. I LOVE this artwork. Totally fresh, but still super Gwen. I wonder what the alternative artwork was for? Maybe just one of the photos from the inside artwork of the album?

  2. ehhhh the same hair weve seen for the past few years i love the alternate cover wayyyy better! she looks too botoxed here

  3. I don’t like the artwork. Looks like what everyone does this days, why so much people hiding the eye? It’s so annoying now.

  4. Seriously I’m telling you, people are getting paranoid with this “illuminati” crap! I mean how old are you guys?

  5. Anyway I prefer the new cover, but I think they’re using such a bad font. That’s the only thing I don’t like about it.

  6. I like both covers but this one matches the song’s vibe I think more. I don’t get the illuminati thing… I honestly thought it was a funky gem/leaf design. I like it a lot.

  7. They say checker print, black and white, and covering one eye is all illuminati symbols. I don’t buy into it but it’s funny how it parallels what the conspiracy theorists say

  8. The only thing I dont like is the clouds in the background otherwise it is cool and stands out a lot more than the first one we seen.

  9. I wonder which of the three photos will be used for the actual single on iTunes? Well I mean presumably not the first one, but now that there’s 2 of the clouds ones. . . I wonder! So curious. Also I love the bubbly font.

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