Gwen Reveals How Politics And Technology Might Inspire New Album


Gwen gave a really good interview to Radio 104.5 and talked a little bit more about the inspirations for new material, on how politics might factor into the new album, and why choosing Paramore for the opening act was difficult. Also, it’s really not set in stone that ND will be performing “Stand and Deliver” on tour.


Gwen thinks the whole “reunion” tour thing is kind of bogus cause they never broke up, but does admit that the solo period was a lot longer than she originally had in mind. The band has been writing for awhile, and Gwen was the one who wanted to get out of the studio and switch things up. She thinks it’s more exciting going out without a record — out on a whim. She talks about the studio on the bus, usually they don’t do that cause it’s hard on Gwen’s voice, but if the guys come up with a track…it’s a good thing. She admits that since they’ve been writing, they’ve been coming up with a bunch of ideas and sounds, but she has been very non-commital to anything so far. Gwen hasn’t had a feeling that anything she’s written so far was “amazing.” She thinks there is not anything really inspiring going on in music today in general. Nothing great is out there right now to her, hmm, interesting (it’s true, though.) Anyways, but Gwen does say that this is a very special time in the world right now with the new president, the recession, she thinks this will trigger some creativity out of them — which she has been playing with right now. She also thinks it’s such a weird time with how music is coming out these days and technology and where we watch videos — everything is online. Gwen thinks it’s a great time to be on tour in this transitional time.

Gwen says it wasn’t easy picking Paramore to head out with them. A lot of bands that No Doubt wanted to come out were too big and “should be going on tour. She says that Paramore reminded them of how they were back in the day with their energy. No Doubt is debating on playing “Stand and Deliver” for the tour, and the band is still figuring out what songs to include on the setlist.

And oh yeah…this inspires us. How could the band not be?

(Don’t mind the bad quality, it’s really up close and the bass of Gwen’s shows seem a little too much for ND’s.)

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