Update: Gwen Reveals Holiday Album ‘You Make It Feel Like Christmas’


Gwen has announced her fourth and holiday debut album, >You Make It Feel Like Christmas, out on October 6! Preorders are happening tonight (September 21) and fans will be able to download the title track single featuring Blake Shelton, too.


It’s pretty much official at this point that we can anticipate a holiday album from Gwen later this year! She revealed that a “big announcement” is on the way this Thursday (September 21) and shared a holiday teaser clip featuring herself twirling around a Christmas tree with jingling bells in the background.

Rumors starting swirling in early August about a holiday album when a few new song titles were registered for Gwen including “Christmas Eve”, “My Gift Is You”, “Under the Christmas Lights and “You Make It Feel Like Christmas”, the latter co-written with Blake Shelton.

We’re excited for the announcement and we will share the latest once it’s revealed!

Big announcement coming Thursday! #CantWait ✨😘✨ gx

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19 Replies to “Update: Gwen Reveals Holiday Album ‘You Make It Feel Like Christmas’”

  1. It seems so soon. I’m surprised they are releasing it first week if October and not waiting until November.. I’m not complaining though lol

    1. I thought so too but I see where 98 Degrees already has the first new holiday album up for presale, cover and titled shown. Their’s drops October 20. Hope Gwen’s drops before that. They have different audiences but people tend to cross genres for holiday music.

  2. Just wondering if thats the actual cover– old fashioned tinsel tree, box tv, her gown– signed XO, Gwen with the red ribbon on the corner?
    Will the one with Blue Eyes in the title be released as a single?
    Can’t wait!

    1. Yes! I think I may own this. The version has been circulating around for years and I think I may have it in the audio section. I’ll take a look.

  3. I’m okay with there being traditional Christmas covers on the album. In fact, it’s probably a must if the record is going to have a chance of gaining traction on seasonal radio stations come year end, and also the desired rotation in stores, cafes, etc., and of course people’s cars/homes over the holidays. Sans any traditional faves, i.e. recognizable singalongs, that would be a hard sell. With supposedly 6 original songs on maybe a 12-track offering, seems like we have a good mix of new and old.

    I’m also okay if a fair bit of this thing consisted of duets, and not just with Blake. Wouldn’t mind duets with Levine, Keys or even Clarkson, plus a few surprise ones. It’s already a Christmas album, so might as well make it as commercially viable as possible. After all, what’s Christmas without rampant commercialism, eh? =) I do think on a project like this, a few collaborations in the mix would amp up the fun factor.

    As for singles though, IF there are any, I hope these will be one or more of the originals she’s written. The one written with Blake (also a duet with him?) would seem an obvious choice, again for commercial reasons. Reasonable expectation of that hitting #1 on iTunes if released at the right time (November?), providing the song is any good. If she’s going to release a cover as a single, I’m okay only if that’s a charity single type deal (hurricane-aid could certainly use a few more dollars, particularly post-Maria), BUT please let it not be one of the cheesier traditional tunes, e.g. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell Rock, Rudolph or Frosty. She can release a children’s Christmas album in 2027 if she wants to, but right now I hope she doesn’t go there, beyond the odd novelty album track. There are actually some really cool indie-folk type Christmas songs out there that could actually benefit from being covered by someone like Gwen, like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FsGor-NBak

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