Gwen Returns to ‘The Voice’ in New Preview for Season 12 (Updated)

The Voice has released their much-anticipated first look at the coaches for the upcoming season featuring Gwen! The preview titled “One Happy Family”, which plays on a funny 1980’s family sitcom featuring Gwen and her fellow coaches for season 12 including Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys.

Gwen looks absolutely incredible and like she just walked off-set of the “Spiderwebs” video shoot in 1996. She’s rocking her classic white-ribbed “GWEN” tank (with peek-a-boo bra straps), bondage pants and a high pony. The preview aired during the The Voice season 11 finale earlier this week.

We’re so excited see Gwen back on The Voice for her third season doing something that she truly loves! The Voice returns to NBC on Monday, February 27, at 8:00PM EST/PST.


People has shared an exclusive video from behind-the-scenes of the new promo shoot where Gwen says she was in awe to be back on-set of The Voice.

14 Replies to “Gwen Returns to ‘The Voice’ in New Preview for Season 12 (Updated)”

  1. Have you seen candids of Gwen lately? Wearing a cap, oversize sweatshirts and those horrid orange sneakers.
    It’s ok to date white trash, but to dress like white trash…
    Wish she could go back to her cool and original fashion sense and stop being influenced by Blake. So much for authenticity…

  2. New music. It’s coming. 😉 Her management is not gonna neglet this opportunity. It’s a fact, The Voice judges put out music regularly.

    1. Maybe we will get an album with a few tracks left over from the STF/BDL era and a few left over from TIWTTFL and some new ones… That would be awesome. I could see her maybe releasing the ones she recorded with Pharrell because she was involved in the writing process.

      Heart Shape

      Then there were a few that didn’t make it on TIWTTFL

      Fingers Crossed
      Medicine Man

      We will likely never hear

      Lifting You
      Start A War
      Hard 2 Love
      Hell Yeah Baby
      Overdose ft Miguel

      From the STF BDL era :'(

      1. There’s “You Don’t Know Me”, the first song Gwen wrote for TIWTTFL with Rick Nowels (Lana Del Rey, New Radicals).

  3. I’m curious as to why fans here and elsewhere are assuming more music is coming from Gwen? I don’t recall her talking about it in recent interviews. Has she been papped going into the studio or something? I would love more music, but I don’t see evidence of anything happening. Blake and Gwen already performed their song on The Voice, the TIWTTFL era is over, and unless she has a feature on another Maroon 5 song, I don’t see what else she would perform?

        1. True. We can only hope that this season on the Voice can maybe bring us something. Not that I think it will necessarily, but we can dream, can’t we? 🙂

    1. She probably won’t release a whole new album, but I could see her release a random new single/collaboration while she is on The Voice. Promoting new music seems to be the main reason for being a coach on that show.

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