“Gwen Returns To Her Pop Star Roots” In Life & Style Magazine

Thanks to Amy and Rosie for sharing with us. Gwen has a new two-page feature in the latest issue of Life & Style maagzine. They are focusing on her style lately and how she’s rumored to be putting her fashion career (I guess…) on hold to focus more on the band. They go on about how she’s changing her style to reflect her rock past and take a few recent quotes she made about the album to support it. Eh, it’s an okay article and they seem to stretching a little with some of the facts, but it’s great to see her and more promo for the album! We transcribed the article for everyone to see since it’s a little small in the scans.

Gwen Stefani’s built a multimillion-dollar fashion empire, but now the designer is kicking couture to the curb to focus on what made her famous in the first place: singing and songwriting.

The platinum-haired beauty and her bandmates are hard at work on No Doubt’s seventh studio album. But it’s been 10 years since the group’s previous album, Rock Steady, topped the charts, and the pressure is on to re-create musical magic. “We wish we were good enough to craft it and have a vision, Gwen says. “But our songwriting process is sort of desperate — we’re just praying that something comes out.” It looks like Gwen is doing more than just praying — she’s undergone a serious style transformation!

After devoting time to her sons, Kingston, 5, and Zuma, 3, as well as a fashion career, the 41-year-old Gwen finds herself trying to reclaim a look she had in her 20s and 30s.

“When you’ve had success at a young age, you have a lot of apprehension about going back and trying again,” psychotherapist, and owner of Retail Therapy, Jenn Berman tells Life & Style. “That nervousness often sparks a change in makeup, hair and clothing.” Gwen seems to be getting into character to throw herself in the creative process completely. Luckily, that’s not hard work for the style chameleon. “I enjoy having different looks,” she says.

Since launching her L.A.M.B. fashion line in 2004, Gwen’s been extremely hands-on. But now rumors are swirling that the designer — who grew up with a mom who made almost all her clothes — may be a no-show when she debuts her collection in NYC in September focusing instead on No Doubt.

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  1. I think Gwen is just amazing in everything she puts on. I think like everyone , she wants to be who she is and if thats punk one day and chic another, and 40’s another, if she wants to mix and match or just be completely crazy..then why the heck not. I wake up and say today i feel like a power ful business women im wearing slacks and a blouse, tomorrow i might wake up and feel like ” im feeling breezy and chill why not wear some cargos and a bob marley shirt, maybe with a fadora or flower in my hair. It would be super boaring to always look the same, and boring she is not!!!! I love her i think shes so creative in fashion, music and in life. shes such an inspiraton. Gwen Rocks!!!!

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