Gwen Returning to ‘TODAY’ Jan. 27 (Updated)


TODAY aired their segment from on-set of The Voice this morning with Gwen and her mentor for season 12 — worldwide superstar Celine Dion! Click here for more details and a small recap of the interview.



Headline Planet is reporting that NBC has postponed Gwen’s appearance again until tomorrow, Friday, January 27, due to coverage of the passing of TV icon Mary Tyler Moore. The pre-taped interview seems to be from on-set of The Voice and photos suggest that Celine Dion will mentor Team Gwen during the Battle Rounds.

// is reporting that Gwen is set to return to NBC’s TODAY on Thursday, January 26. The article shares that Gwen will be featured in the first two-hour block of the show and more than likely will be discussing her return to The Voice with season 12 kicking off the following month. The date has since been pushed back from the 23rd and she will now be joined by Celine Dion.

Gwen last appeared on TODAY during their summer concert series back in July 2016. TODAY airs on NBC starting at 7:00AM EST/PST and the program typically shares portions from the show shortly after airing if you’re not able to tune in.

12 Replies to “Gwen Returning to ‘TODAY’ Jan. 27 (Updated)”

    1. Gwen alluded to stepping away from music, at least for the near future, in her recent interview with WWD. “I don’t know if I’m going to do new music, I’m definitely at the end of a chapter.”

      I can see her devoting 2017 to her fashion and TV projects, but we’ll see. She’s seemingly been inspired by being on The Voice so I wouldn’t count new music out entirely.

  1. I feel like Gwen may not produce solo music,
    Though this would be a good time for her to collab on other artist’s work…
    I feel like the Eminem, Calvin Harris, Snoop Dogg Collabs came at the wrong time,
    They didn’t really get much attention?
    After the big buzz around Gwen now, after solo success again, back on The Voice,
    Glamour woman of the year etc, now maybe Gwen collabs would get more attention?

  2. She still has all those 2014 songs… I wish she’d just release the best of them as an EP or something. Right now I don’t really need a whole new “era”, but a few new songs would be nice.

    I can see her doing more collaborations while she is on The Voice, though.

  3. I agree with yeahyeahyeah, just release some songs, like the “everything in time” album.. at least.
    I wanted to start crying when I read that she wanted close the chapter on music.. I’d feel the same about music too if I was her, because of all the pain and hurt that came with it.

    But I’d miss her too much.. she’s planted her seed and is so influential for most female singers, to be what they are today.. especially when it comes to songwriting..

    Many artist, even Britney Spears, say they want to work with her.

    But if she would show her good side.. and get rid of her bad team.. that picked “misery” as a lead single, she would be more successful. I have so many ideas for her, but I’m just a fan. A fan that has seen her 16X in 16 years..

    1. Agree Misery was a bad choice and not releasing some others that would be great singles.
      They usually debut new music and perform it on the Voice so wonder what she will do?
      This past year was so successful it will be hard to top. I still miss keeping up with all the concerts in the various cities, telling us what she was doing, all the tweets, pix and snapchats.

    1. It seems like her appearance has been pushed back again until tomorrow, January 27, due to coverage of the passing of Mary Tyler Moore. Headline Planet Tweeted out the announcement earlier this morning.

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