Update: Gwen Returns to ‘The Voice’ with “Misery” Performance


Gwen returned to The Voice again this season and rocked the stage with another memorable performance of her new single “Misery”. She looked stunning, sounded incredible and seemed to truly be enjoying herself tonight! The song was given the ultimate stage upgrade with interesting tribal visuals and dancers. “Misery”‘s instrumental arrangement was also boosted up which gave the track more depth and sound than we’re used to hearing on the record. The song was taken to a different level and came across huge and exciting — just what Gwen needs.

It was also sweet to see Gwen’s Voice family look on and be so supportive of her! She later shared tons of gorgeous selfies after her performance tagging one with Blake Shelton using the hashtag #muse.

@nbcthevoice @officialdanilohair @gregoryarlt #misery Gx

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#misery @nbcthevoice Gx

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@nbcthevoice #braids #misery @officialdanilohair @gregoryarlt Gx

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#misery @nbcthevoice Gx @blakeshelton #muse

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Gwen Tweeted out that she will be returning again to The Voice this coming Tuesday, April 19, to perform “Misery” live. She also shares that “Misery” is her next single and will be second televised performance of the song. Fans had been curious if she would continue to push “Misery” as a promotional single but it seems like it’s getting the full treatment now. “Misery” is strong live and we’re excited for her next chapter!

Make sure to tune in to The Voice on Tuesday, April 19, at 8:00PM ET/PT on NBC to see Gwen. In case you miss it, The Voice will share her performance shortly after online.

Fan Denise had spotted Gwen and her band exiting The Late Show studios while in New York a couple of weeks back. Hopefully another performance will be around the corner to help push the album more.

With close to 1,200 votes casted, fans are pulling for a single releases of “Where Would I Be?” and “Rare” in the future.

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  1. I can’t believe they are wasting a performance on The Voice on Misery… This is a very bad single choice imho. A4I, WWIB and SMAP would all be better choices. Misery didn’t go anwhere on iTunes after she performed it on SNL, so that is already a bad sign. Why do they always pick the wrong singles? This reminds me of the time when ND released LH instead of OMS.

    1. Totally agree! Video for Misery will be live from the Voice and the era of new album ends. She needs better choice for the singles and someone for great modern videos (great video is more than several live performances).

  2. Exciting! Hopefully she will also hit up The View and maybe Ellen again? She’s had a lot of good promo this era; it’s really a shame the album isn’t selling better.

    1. Isn’t selling enough albums to get a Gold record considered good in this day and age of just downloading a song or two off an album? Plus had the Billboard top spot.

      1. I’m talking about the album, not the singles. UTLY went Gold, not the album. I think Gwen should be very proud of how the album has been received, BUT, it was disappointing that it barely stayed in the top 20 in its second week. She’s had a lot of great promo in the past 6 months, it really deserves to do better IMO! It’s a good album!

  3. I like Misery but I would like her to do a different song like you said because she did not get a big bump from SNL. Did she do it on GMA too? I feel like it is an old song but maybe it only seems that way to us who follow closely.
    Prime time with that many people she should do another song from the album that most have not heard such as Truth or You’re My Favorite.
    Gwen is lucky to be a part of the Voice family since so may artists have things out or coming out and would love that time slot with that many viewers.

  4. Yeah I hate to be negative but misery as the third single could end the era and I am disappointed! It didn’t do great when it was released as a promotional single and it really didn’t do well after she performed it on SNL like someone else said so to me a very bad choice. Asking 4 It, Rare, Truth or Where Would I Be would have been better choices. sigh. I guess at least we are getting a third single and hopefully a really good music video

  5. I don’t know why Misery wouldn’t do great it’s such an awesome song with attitude, but I’m really looking forward to Rare if that happens people would have no choice but to love that.

  6. Of course this is the right decision! Misery is not one of my faves but I think is super radio friendly and sounds very modern, people gonna love it! Everyone (even random people or not fans) likes it on YouTube. Plus, I think a great music video is coming (a “real” music video as Gwen said) and that is gonna help a lot to promote the new single. I predict Misery is gonna be as successful as UTLY,

    1. I think you are onto something about the radio friendly and modern. I wondered maybe what production wise would be easiest if she uses The Voice band that might be a consideration as to what is chosen.

  7. Misery is a great song and sounds great live. I wish they would mention something about a tour. I accidentally got my hopes up.

  8. I really like Misery and the message from it. It gets my hyped! I think if the performances were better then the album sales and singles would do a lot better. I liked how Gwen had backup dancers on Jimmy Kimmel. She should continue with that.

  9. Considering that Misery wasn’t promoted when it came out, it actually did great. It debuted on Bubbling Under Hot 100 at #11! #171 in the UK and #45 on US Digital Songs! I think the song has potential to do better. I’m actually optimistic for this song! I hope she performs it at 2016 Billboard Music Awards!

  10. Gwen hasn’t had a “real” video for 10+ years. That alone is killing her sales. When people can out a storyline to a song they like it better. We all know that much. So now we have another cry baby song. I know misery is a “happy song” that is saying she can’t wait to see her new man, but if you don’t listen closely (which the public won’t when it’s played on the radio) then it sounds like another whiny song where she is having suicidal though. First off it sounds like she says “hurry up come SAVE me”. Should have been where would I be as it has the closest no doubt sounds and a good summer feel. Bad choices again.

    1. Spark the Fire had a real video, it just really isn’t about much, so a storyline would’ve been weird. And I doubt a different video for Make Me Like You would’ve had it do better. Why are you even on here if you’re calling her a cry baby and whiny tbh.

  11. I PRAY that at least the video for Misery will be good, if there is one. I have no faith in this song’s single potential, but at least a cool video would make it a little better. A different director than Sophie would be nice.

  12. Let me be the 1st to say that this performance has kicked all the other TV appereances during this era butts!
    That was amazing!! LOVED IT! But… I had a lot of LH vibes from it. This time around it was an African theme, and I really hope that people are not “offended” by that.

  13. The two voice performances are the best of the era! (Used to love you and now misery) I also got major looking hot vibes. I hope she’s going to do a video this week

  14. Oh I’m sure some will be offended. Lol

    This is the best visual performance so far this era. I love that she can rock out a bit to this song! I absolutely hate her outfit and hair tho.

  15. I’m so f**cking scared! She looks gorgeous but now stupid people are complaining about friggin cultural appropiation, they already started to talk about it on Twitter. I really hope that’s not the theme of the new video. Please Gwen, don’t f*ck it up this time!!

  16. I liked the performance but that hair 🙁 . The braids hanging down in the front bothered me. I really wanted to chop them off. This do’ is very Native American. Hello… the Native American theme in Looking Hot was the nail in the coffin for Push and Shove. Sad she repeated it again.

  17. I love her look.

    Her Instagram comments are lit up tho. Everyone’s arguing over the “cultural appropriation”.

    Gwen is someone who’s style is influenced by a variety of cultures. I do wish she made more of an effort to acknowledge that some people may find it offensive, but I also think people like to make a big deal out of nothing. Sucks so many people are bothered by her look.

  18. I’m praying for a “normal” video… please God, don’t let her self-destruct like a pokemon… Please! *FINGERS CROSSED* :'(

  19. So… Gwen obviously forgot about the whole LH video drama? Why did she get on stage dressed like this?! I’m sorry, but what was she thinking? Of course people would get mad… Let’s just hope this won’t end this whole era, just like the LH video finally killed P&S. Misery is already struggling on iTunes, the performance didn’t do much…

  20. It ended the P&S era because No Doubt removed the video, otherwise that could’ve been one of their highest viewed videos and negative publicity would’ve still caused people to listen, the song was ‘addictive’ and that could’ve been No Doubt’s ‘pop’ comeback in my eyes… Maybe this is all a scheme to cause uproar, getting views of this single performance and then it bloosts up the charts… Who knows?

  21. The performance didn’t do anything for Misery on iTunes. I’m gonna go ahead and say this doesn’t bode well. If SNL and the Voice don’t get it on Hot 100 then idk where this single is going.

  22. Yeah, all controversy surrounding an ugly hairstyle aside, Misery is already flopping on iTunes. If SNL and The Voice can’t even make it crack the top 100, it’s time to pick another single tbh.

  23. Fab performance! Only Gwen could make the hair and outfit work. She wore a similar look as a Voice judge that I loved even more, and nothing was said then. It’s the picture where Blake is biting her shoulder.
    Really tired of the PC police and don’t understand why some twitter people don’t simply see it for what it is, performance art, and that her dancers were in similar costume to achieve said effect. I thought it was a fabulous production!
    PC is a moot point here since it was an ensemble and no different than something you would see in a staged production for a Broadway play.

  24. I agree with everything you say Jill, but people won’t change. They will get offended. That’s why I’d want Gwen to be a little more sensitve to avoid such situations. After everything that happened with the harajuku girls and the LH video, I expected Gwen to be a little smarter by now.

  25. While I don’t like this look AT ALL, i absolutely love that she’s not sensitive to people wanting to get offended because she isn’t doing it with ill intent. Her intire career she’s been inspired by various cultures, it’s who she is & a big part of her aesthetic. I mean if Twitter and Instagram existed in 1995 would people be whining complaining and offended by her bindi?? Just how she refused to give an apology to time.com for the Harajuku girls. She shouldn’t have to and I hope she never does.

    1. Actually… you are a bit too young to remember, but Indians actually never had an issue with her doing it.
      Madonna wore bindis during the Ray of Light era (around 98) and Indians complained about and were questioned to why Gwen could and Madonna did not, but they never voiced anything about Gwen.

      1. Quick correction… not all Indians were bindis, since it’s part of the Hindu culture and not all Indians are Hindus. It was a Hindu group that called Madonna out.

  26. Gwen can be suuuuuch a douche sometimes. It’s always about being faithful to her aesthetic and get off my cloud. Think woman! Don’t be so self absorbed

  27. I agree. GP really seems like they don’t like this song. It’s only at #174 on itunes. Whoever said it was a good single choice was off their rocker lol. Should have picked asking 4 it. Or even rare.

  28. Let’s just hope they move on fast now. If they didn’t shoot a video for Misery already, they could still sneak out of it and act as if this song was never a “single”. They should release A4I or maybe WWIB later this summer.

    Misery is a good song, but it’s just not a good single.

  29. So many could be great singles– anyone know who decides the singles– is it the Interscope honcho’s?
    Good news –no residual cultural negativity as I scan about.
    On her song– some say they like it and it is catchy others that the word Misery was too repetitive.
    I thought her performance, her look and the staging was fab!

  30. Eeek. Yeah, that’s not a good sign that Misery didn’t reappear on iTunes after SNL or The Voice. Even MMLY only moved up a few spots. Hopefully it’s not too late to change the plan and put out a different single? If Misery fails then we may not see a 4th single 🙁

  31. As long as they haven’t shot a video for Misery already, they can easily change plans and pick another single imho. I wonder why they didn’t use The Voice to give MMLY one final push. It’s still doing well on the radio.

  32. @cynthia, i didnt read every comment so im not 100% sure if u were responding to me but you dont know how old i am. and you pick apart my comments and take them so seriously word for word. im sure you can see what i was trying to say

    1. Did not notice there were 2 Bob’s. One had mentioned he was about 14/15 so you can see how I got my age comment from. I got your point, just added that some people forget that Gwen got a free pass when Madonna was called out by a Hindu association by claiming Gwen was doing it as well.
      And in my defense is kinda hard to interpret a post when you can only read the wrods and have no idea what are the intentions or feelings of who’s writing them.
      BTW… I reply to almost everybody, not only you 😉

  33. To be honest, I’m tired of Gwen trying to play safe and appease everyone. I just want her to be true to herself and her creativity. She’s always been that rock chic who took fashion risk. We all know she doesn’t do it with ill intent. So if she goes down because she feels like goin for a tribal look so be it. She can’t always be just looking like Marilyn Munroe ripoff. There are more pressing matters in this world than Gwen rock in braids and tribal inspired fashion.

  34. @cynthia, i think you know that was me replying sarcastically to i think ndlover saying i was 14. anyways, didnt think my pregnancy opinions would fully taint the attitudes and responses to people, (especially the ones i enjoyed interacting with) &&& especially when there was a hot minute where no one really knew what to believe.

  35. &&& i also agree with just reading the words and not knowing the tone…cant tell if you were being sarcastic…lol idk

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