Gwen Returning to the UK?

The UK physical promotion single for “Make Me Like You” has made its way on eBay and the description states that Gwen will be returning to the UK soon to promote the single and album! We’ll keep you updated when official information is announced.

12 Replies to “Gwen Returning to the UK?”

  1. I’m really hoping this song and the album are a moderate success so she can travel and tour outside the US.
    Ed, I’m on the same boat here, crossing my fingers she takes a look south of the map when she travels to promote the record and tour.

  2. I’m in Norway. UK is really cheap from everywhere in Europe. And I don’t see Gwen touring Europe again tbh

    1. Btw I think there’s a possibility of Gwen performing a MasterCard show the last week of March in London. Be prepared!

      1. I would be so happy… Otherwise I’ll go to Tokyo! Never saw her live. How come you know that, ndlover?

        1. It’s not confirmed but some fans have been talking about it. If Gwen is going to the UK it would make sense to do a small show as well. If that’s the case I’m sure they will announce it soon.

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