Gwen Returns to ‘Ellen’ with “Make Me Like You” Performance and Interview Feb. 25 (Updated)


Ellen has shared a sneak peek at her upcoming interview with Gwen airing this afternoon as well as her full “Make Me Like You” live performance!

The Ellen DeGeneres Show shared a fabulous photo of Gwen looking beautiful in pink for her interview with Ellen! An audience member on Twitter also confirmed everyone in the audience got a copy of Gwen’s new album (which will be sent to them upon the album release!) We’re also treated to a really small glimpse of the album artwork when Ellen shows it off to the audience.

Fans can also enter to win a Target deluxe edition copy of This Is What the Truth Feels Like courtesy of Ellen here (open to US residents only).


Gwen is set to stop by The Ellen DeGeneres Show again for an interview and performance of “Make Me Like You” next Thursday, February 25! She is now listed on and will “perform her new song, “Make Me Like You,” and to tell Ellen about everything going on her life!”

Gwen appeared last October and November to premiere her new single at the time “Used To Love You” and sat down for an interview shortly after. Sadly, tickets for the taping next week have already sold out.

Make sure to head over to to check your local listings!

72 Replies to “Gwen Returns to ‘Ellen’ with “Make Me Like You” Performance and Interview Feb. 25 (Updated)”

  1. MMLY is doing pretty well but it falls fast within 2 days after promo. It was in the top 10 this morning but now is nearly out of the top 20. I’m expecting it to debut higher than used to love you on the hot 100 though

  2. Did you guys here that gwens preorder album sales are already exceeding expectations?? It’s been the #1 preorder all week 🙂

  3. I dunno why she always wears fishnets she has beautiful legs..I love both outfits much more than the Kimmel ones. So happy that hairstyle is making a comeback!

  4. That was very uneventful… The Jimmy Kimmel performance was a lot more energetic. This is a song she needs to be moving to, not standing still like UTLY.

    1. No way she’s gonna sound this good if she moves more than this. This is a hard vocal for Gwen to pull and it sounded amazing!

    1. On a side note, I saw a little sneak peak (maybe 10 seconds) of the Carpool Karaoke segment (date of airing: TBA), and Gwen was wearing what appeared to be a blue denim shirt. She looked great, as per the norm. They were singing along to The Sweet Escape! =)

  5. Nope, this song just doesn’t translate well live… I don’t know what could be done about that, though. It just seems to lack energy.

    1. It’s the musical arrangement that’s a bit problematic, a problem with most overproduced pop songs, almost none sound nice live. She needed a bigger band, someone good to translate all eletronic sounds to real instruments, leave that background track behind and turn up the band sound.

      1. I agree, the band was almost nonexistent while her vocals were quite loud. I also think she needs a live crowd in front of her to give it more energy.

  6. So… you see a bump? And that means pregnancy, if not then what?
    Can’t she gain a little weight or have a big meal or simply use an oufit that creates an effect that looks like a shadow? Gwen is 46 and her clock is ticking and factory is closing (human nature and biology 101). Apollo was a stroke of luck (or maybe not…). It took her and Gavin years before they started having kids, it’s not like she will now drop her birth control method and have a kid with Blake and put on hold all her projects.
    As a woman I just hate when you get in a new relationship (being a Mom) and people start asking when you are gonna have another kid, after all, you and the new guy need to have one of your own…

  7. Aw I love when Ellen interviews Gwen, their friendship is so cute and Ellen is hilarious lol. And Gwen looked absolutely amazing!!! And she did a great job with the vocals on MMYL, only downside was the weird leopard wrap around skirt..

    1. The leopard wrap might have been a nod to the white wrap she’s wears in the Rick’s/Blake’s “Casablanca” bar scene in the music video. Print aside, looked identical to me, with the over-sized bow in the back and all. Plus, she wore the same turtle-neck black top/leotard too, no?

  8. The song is good, but I agree that it’s underwhelming live. If she had given the song some more time/thought in the studio, I think it would have been amazing. It’s almost like it needs a third verse? Surely they could have come up with something other than “thank god, oh god.” Anyway, I loved her hair and pink top. Ellen is so good at embarrassing her, but in a fun/charming away!

    Anyone else see that Gavin was hanging out with the Nanny? Gross. How you get em is how you lose em.

    1. Maybe it’s missing a proper bridge, instead of the 15-sec “thank God” drop/break (even though I do quite like that). She usually writes these amazing bridges that are melodically distinct from the verses & chorus. She’s a generous songwriter in that regard. This time around I think she’s just trying to squeeze out as much as she can out of a fertile creative spell, and she might actually be trying to write too many songs in too short a time. Not that the two released so far aren’t good songs. They are. But I hope once this album is out, that she takes her time revisiting and reworking the rest of the material from this period. Many of her best songs have benefited from multiple revisions over time (e.g. Don’t Speak, 4 in the Morning, etc.).

      1. Yeah, I agree, she might have rushed through some of the more recent songs because she didn’t want her creative streak to go away. It’s a good song, but it could have been a GREAT song if more time had been spent on a 3rd verse or stronger bridge.

  9. Just saw the Ellen performance on the West Coast. I’m surprised how few here have mentioned how good the vocal was! If the vocal on Kimmel was very good, this one was great! Will have to listen to it a few more times, but on first listen, and I was listening intently, I thought she absolutely nailed the vocal. By contrast, for UTLY, she needed all of three performances to work out kinks before everything finally came together for The Voice and Fallon performances. So considering she just wrote the song sometime in late January and given how busy she’s been, I’m very impressed with this performance. She couldn’t have had more than a few weeks rehearsing these new songs with the band.
    As for complaints about the energy level of the performance, I have to disagree. My own opinion is that the decision to “tone down” the performance (compared to Kimmel) was deliberate and correct. First, it was good to finds ways to differentiate the two performances (and ditto for any subsequent ones). Especially for these early performances, she should take the opportunity to tweak and vary each performance, then view the playback and see what works and what doesn’t. This time around, she pared down on the dancing and theatrics (her dance crew was noticeably reduced), and focused on delivering the SONG, and for me it paid off in terms of a stellar vocal. Second, this paring down of the extraneous stuff was correct for the occasion and size of venue. The Ellen studio “stage” and audience is markedly smaller and more intimate compared to the live concert staging of Kimmel. A seasoned performer adjusts energy levels to suit the venue and circumstances. Kimmel was more akin to a taped segment of a live outdoor concert (which in fact it was), and so Gwen performed accordingly. More energy, more movement, more dancers to fill the larger performing space, all calculated to reach out to a larger (younger) audience set farther out from a high stage (add to that the fact a large proportion of the camera shots were long and wide). Ellen, on the other hand, is essentially a taped in-studio “sound stage” session. Gwen has been on Ellen a bunch of times, so she knew the space and (skewing older) audience well. She also knew there would be a lot more close up shots of the performance. Close up shots favor subtlety and nuance over mugging and gesticulation. So, imo, everything in the performance was calibrated accordingly, even if one argues, a tad short of perfectly. Given all that, I don’t think the energy levels were too wide off the mark. My opinion of course.
    The live music video performance was frenetic and kinetic, and not many have complained that the Kimmel performance lacked energy (it did not), so I don’t think you can blame any perceived lack of energy on either the song itself, its production, or the live performance of it. Additionally, I doubt having a bigger band would necessarily add anything, apart from cluttering the stage and upping costs. A drummer, two keyboardists (one with a laptop), a guitarist, and a bassist is plenty. If the band’s sound is not yet up to par, it isn’t anything more rehearsals/performances, and a better sound engineer couldn’t fix. p.s. – The sound mix for Ellen performances, whether it be for Gwen or any other performer, generally tends towards lackluster.

    1. Okay, having just listened to the ellentube/YouTube video of the performance, I have to say that the sound mix on the video is close to criminally unbalanced. Gwen’s vocal (good as it is here) is crazy loud, and the band, by comparison, way too muted. If you like Gwen’s voice, as I do, this may not be the worst thing ever, but in terms of enjoying the song as a whole, I can see why this would be very off putting to some. I noticed the video was posted some hours before the West Coast broadcast, so it could be that they tweaked the sound mix for the later broadcast. Either that, or maybe because I’d set my home theater’s sound processor to “live music” in anticipation of the performance, but the mix sounded better to me on television. Not exactly great, but a lot than better than I’m hearing on the video. I really hope they do something with the sound if and when they post the performance to Gwen’s Vevo.

    2. She didn’t write Make Me Like You in January. She actually mentioned that song in November during an interview with Zane Lowe. Plus she also said that they started thinking about the video in December.

      1. Sorry, you’re correct of course. I somehow confused the two, but it was “recorded” (not written) sometime late January (“recorded three weeks ago” as per the ET interview the day after the video premier). I doubt she would have been rehearsing the song with the band before it was actually recorded, since you actually need to know what the final cut sounds like before you can transpose that live.
        They started talking about the video at Christmas. So since we don’t know for sure when they definitively decided between Misery & MMLY as the 2nd single, it’s possible they started talking about a video in broader terms before a final decision on the single had been made. Again, I’d be quite surprised if the powers to be at Interscope actually decided in December that MMLY would be the next single before Gwen actually taking to the studio to record the track. And if they did, then that must have been one heck of an impressive demo! =)

  10. Gwen’s leopard outfit is so cute, kinda hiding that belly I see✨ I think Gwen sounded great! A little low energy tho, but she’s been hella busy. I love her backup dancers! Wonder who choreographys them?

  11. Her vocals were spot on! She definitely sounds really good lately.

    I guess some songs just aren’t made for live performances. I never really liked how Settle Down sounded live for example. I think it also never translated well live.

  12. Her vocals were flawless! <3 I also don't understand why the instrumental was too low… It kind of kills the mood. I'm still not feeling the choreography though. I don't think those dancers are anything special… Anyway it was so much better than Kimmel!

  13. Impressive vocals, Gwen looks unbelievably beautiful,
    I guess the dancers were to try and liven it up, it worked for me but I guess this does need a crowd to be bopping along and getting it really going, blasting it out loud for it to have the full effect!

  14. Thank you Nicky! She will be Confirming the pregnancy soon and we all know what Gwen looks like when she is pregnant don’t get pissed off at me for knowing the truth LMMFAO that’s one hell of a beer gut and after she has this child she will go right back down to a size 2/4

      1. She’s enjoying life and maybe isn’t too concerned about it. If if she’s got a little paunch it looks sexy. Probably she’s been enjoying some extra pizza going on dates with Blake 😀 Good for her!

      2. That’s what I keep saying.. Maybe she is pregnant, I don’t know (or care really), but if she isn’t, people are basically saying she’s gained weight and we all know how sensitive Gwen can be about her body. It’s just rude…celeb or not.

        1. Exactly… the whole point is people keeping pointing it out, pregnant or not, it’s just rude. And that’s something most women face and it’s shamefull.

          1. I don’t understand the obsession fans have with it with it anyway. People are zooming in and picking apart photos of her belly area. It’s weird. Let her be.

      3. Gwen is a size 4 honey not a 0. The tag from her dress at the Met gala is from the Maison Martin Margiela designer. I purchased a tunic from the designet and on the tag there’s a circle at number one because it means “ready to wear collection for women”

        Gwen’s 0 on her tag means “Artisanal” collection for women & men. There is explanation of the tag


        1. OMG… People let’s GET OVER how big or small she is and concentrate on music?
          Gaining a little weight does not mean pregnancy and same goes for being too thin does not mean sickness. The whole point is that is plain rude and shameful that people need to point fingers and make assumptions on her (and other people’s) body based the their current figure. Do you know how hurtful it is for a woman to hear pregnancy comments and questions about her when she’s not expecting? Like Amanda said, Gwen is very sensitive about her image, as most women are, so it’s not cool to keep pushing the pregnancy comments on EVERY SINGLE post here, just cause you think you saw something.

  15. Maybe she’s not pregnant, maybe she has colitis, that bloats the stomach….But even if she was gaining a few pounds, I say good for her, cause she is very skinny.

  16. I wish the instrumental was a bit louder. Hearing this with earpods on makes a HUGE difference! Try it! And I love when she sings “I could get used to this” at 1:16 mark it sounds like honey. Her vocals are so beautiful! 😛

      1. I hope sooner lol I can’t wait anymore! Its nearly out of the top 40 on itunes.. I wonder if she is going to do any promo the week of the album release? SNL and today show or good morning america would be great

  17. OOOOOMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!!!! HahahahahahahahahahHhHaaaa!!!! Good god, no disrespect to the regulars on here who I like commenting with, but REALLY???!! is almost everyone STILL in denial about her being pregnant? (I’m so glad It was brought up and not by me this time, I’ve really avoided commenting lately). I just don’t see how everyone is still eating a big healthy bowl of denial. All the comments had me laughing out loud, all the excuses you guys were giving for her performance. CUT THROUGH THE B.S. she’s has huge lepored plastic-type material around her stomach (that she’s been covering for a while now), out of breath, giving less pysical move vent then when she performs ‘don’t speak’… Come on guys. Did any of u guys see the links of the pics I posted of her?? Or the one her hairstylist put up?? And before anyone tries to throw any political correctness at me for looking at her weight or blah blah blah, SHE HERSELF ADDRESSED IT IN HER VIDEO AND SOCIAL MEDIA. Why would she do that????? Come on No Doubters….

  18. And p.s. Gwen Stefani IS fishnets…. That’s like her not being blonde or wearing red lipstick! What’s with all you crazy cats?!

  19. For a woman who has been praised for her physic/abs for 20+++ years (and maintained it), it weird how if “she had a big meal” would last more than one day. Look at where the weight is gained, that’s NOT fat. Come on don’t some of u women have kids and have been pregnant? K IM DONE. Believe whatever u want! Hope it’s a girl

    1. And do you want a medal now? Lmao! Seriously. I doubt she’s really pregnant. And who cares if she is? The era will be cut short and life carries on.

  20. I love this rock steady true Gwen hair and make up! Wouldn’t this song sound rad w horns? I guess I mean no doubt lol oops 🙂

  21. Bob u make me lol 🙂

    IF she is pregnant (which I’m not saying she is)… That would be awkward for me. I already feel weird singing a song that is literally about Blake Shelton. I hope she’s not.

    1. Lol same! It’s a good song, and thank God it’s abstract so I can relate it to some people in my life. If mentioned boots and rodeos I’d definitely turn it off. lol

  22. If Gwen is pregnant I’ll eat my hat (seriously.. The odds are astronomically small at her age and I sincerely doubt she’s already doing IVF with Blake at this point in their romance) but those are some seriously unflattering pants! Love the hair and make up but the pants/skirt look is atrocious to me. A rare fashion misstep for Gwen.

  23. Is it unlikely for a woman her age to be pregnant? Yes. Is she still married to Gavin? Yes. Is her relationship with Blake still very fresh to be moving so fast? Yes. Does her pulling a Kim K., and getting knocked up while still technically being married to another man sound like our Gwen??? Well no? Yes? NONE of us know the woman personally, and a lot of you don’t WANT her to be pregnant. Like I said, I don’t know her personally and she’s not my family so why would a stranger like me care? My conclusion is based 100% on pics and what she shows us. I believe my eyes, not if I want or don’t want her to be. Babies are a complete blessing and miricale so I find it soooooo funny that I can get bashed for having an opinion on her ART that I’ve enjoyed for YEARS, but you all don’t wish the woman we love this blessing and miricale, because you don’t want it to be true?

    1. The thing is…you obviously do care. You’ve been making comments about her looking pregnant in every post for the last month or two. Granted, some of that is probably to get a rise out of certain people, but you have been obsessively talking about this “topic” for awhile. *You* think people just don’t want her to be happy, but *I* just see people fighting over who is right or wrong which is pretty pointless. Ultimately, I’m here for the music and she’s giving that to me March 18th. The rest doesn’t matter!

  24. I care about her happiness and well being. And I don’t comment on every post and the ones I have, it’s a tongue in cheek sarcastic kind of comment because I didn’t believe it fully til recently and the topic is just too wildly outrageous funny to me and out of the public character we’ve come to know

  25. I meant I don’t care if she is or isn’t, but to say I don’t care about HER isn’t true. I’m on a fan site everyday

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