Gwen Returning to ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Nov. 20

Photo courtesy of Ellen
Photo courtesy of Ellen

Gwen is set to return to The Ellen Degeneres Show this coming Friday, November 20. She appeared late last month for her debut televised performance of “Used To Love You” on Ellen. Ellen shared that Gwen was set to return soon for an interview so we’re glad to hear the date has been set!

She’s full of energy, always doing big things, and one of the most buzzed about stars in Hollywood… GWEN STEFANI comes through! From coaching on “The Voice” to producing chart-topping hits like her latest single, “Used to Love You,” the pop star brings news from every step along the way — Ellen

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9 Replies to “Gwen Returning to ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Nov. 20”

  1. I’m assuming she will be promoting the voice but it’s time her and her team comes up with a release date and preorder instead of beating around the bush. Sure you want to write more songs but she has more than enough songs to release now what’s the point of waiting so long. She can still write. And save them for another album.

  2. Ellen is her friend so I assume she won’t embarrass Gwen too much with the Blake thing. Have they even been photographed together since Nashville? Besides on The Voice? Odd.

    I’m fine with her taking her time releasing the album. She’s inspired and that’s a rare thing. It would be so awesome if she released a double album. Doubtful, but awesome!

  3. It would be awesome if she released 2 related albums in the same year like Justin Timberlake did with the 2020 experience

    1. We are in luck if she releases one. I’m expecting a 12 song release, nothing more, no deluxe versions or bonus stuff.

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