Update: Gwen Returning to ‘Chelsea’ Nov. 3


Gwen’s appearance on Chelsea is streaming now on Netflix and she discussed her new album and how she’s planning on spending the holidays with her family and beau Blake Shelton. You can check out the full interview and clips from the show above and here on Netflix. You must have a Netflix subscription to watch the episode.



Gwen’s upcoming appearance on Chelsea is set to air on Netflix starting this Friday, November 3. We’ll share details from the interview once it’s available to stream tomorrow. Check out a funny clip Chelsea Handler shared with Gwen backstage.

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      1. It’s not the views – it’s the presentation. I find her personality to be repugnant and unrefined. I do think Gwen is liberal (she was on that anti-GW Bush album for starters – and I too was/am anti-GW Bush) – I don’t think she’s as extreme in views as Chelsea Hammer.

  1. Chelsea is friends with many A listers like Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron and Gwen.
    She must be fun and funny to be around.

  2. They played Comforting Lie on the Rock Against Bush Album. Fortunately I love No Doubt for their beautiful music despite our extreme political differences.

  3. Extreme political differences?? Hahaha she and no doubt always played for the obama family. She is not a republican and definitely not a supporter of 45. If she were, I wouldn’t buy her music. No woman is respectable who cannot respect themselves.

    1. LOL you don’t make any sense. I don’t agree with some of Gwen’s views but I still support her to death. I’m 100% sure you’d still be here if she was a republican.

  4. I thnk you go to the White House out of respect for the office and that’s our house whatever your politics are.
    I prefer celebs keep out of politics and I don’t want to hear their views. They are entertainers and I want to escape from news not hear them rant.

  5. Meant to comment on her look– just wow! That insta pic above is stunning, her makeup by the Revlon makeup artist Ms. Philips is perfection!

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