Gwen Reportedly Visiting the Studio with Blake Shelton

Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani via Snapchat

Gwen has been teasing that she’s been in the studio over the past month or so on social media and it’s been unclear if she’s been working on new music. She stressed earlier this year in an interview with WWD that she wasn’t focusing on songwriting while taping The Voice, but now that this past season has wrapped, we’ve been curious what she’s been up to.

Yesterday, Gwen was spotted heading into a studio with Blake which has fans speculating if the two are possibly working on something together again. Blake has reportedly been working on a new album himself so possibly Gwen might just be joining him for fun or something more. In March, Gwen shared with Entertainment Tonight that she was back in the studio and writing saying that she has “lots of little projects coming up” but obviously wouldn’t divulge any additional details. She’s said that she’s open to collaborating with other artists and that she considers it to be one her favorite things.

On a related note, Major Lazer released their most recent EP Know No Better and her confirmed collaboration track(s) have yet to be released. We’re still crossing our fingers for the track to released in the near future.

With No Doubt on the back burner for the foreseeable future, we’re looking forward to new music regardless from Gwen and DREAMCAR hopefully sooner rather than later.

4 Replies to “Gwen Reportedly Visiting the Studio with Blake Shelton”

  1. Pretty sure that major lazer track will not see the light of day 🙁

    And I just wish gwen didn’t have to devote 150% of herself to whomever she’s dating at the time. I think Blake is a cool guy but it’s getting a lil much. First her twitter pic being Blake for months, And now those shoes? Gorl….

  2. I’m interested in more music from them but I think it was just him going with her.
    I haven’t seen her at any events her friends have had, except twice since she has been with Blake. She is with her extended family a lot.

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