Gwen Reportedly Trademarks ‘P8NT’ Brand for New Cosmetics Line

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Photo Courtesy of Urban Decay (2015)

Another new project may be on the horizon for Gwen!

News outlets are sharing that Gwen has filed a trademark for ‘P8NT’, reportedly named for an upcoming cosmetics line. According to TMZ, the unannounced collection will include “everything from nail polishes to hair color, in addition to the usual eyeliners, powders and lipsticks. Perfumes, moisturizers and sunscreens are also in the mix.”

More information on the trademark request was found via Trademarkia which says that Gwen applied for acquisition of P8NT last month under her LAMB-GRS, LLC brand. P8NT by Gwen Stefani, P8NT Beauty and P8NT Cosmetics are also listed as hers so it seems pretty legit. She has taken part of and campaigned for several successful cosmetic and accessory lines over the years including Urban Decay, L’Oréal and Revlon so it’s exciting to see her finally taking on makeup and beauty brands of her own.

Be advised that and the Instagram page for P8NT Nails are confirmed to be unrelated to Gwen’s brands.

7 Replies to “Gwen Reportedly Trademarks ‘P8NT’ Brand for New Cosmetics Line”

  1. After a quick search I came across the name of the owner of that site: Dion Podgurny, from Texas. TBH it looked a bit too amateurish for my taste. It makes me wonder if Gwen can really use that name now, though. Personally I’m not impressed with that name, but I’m happy for this brand cause it’s been long overdue.

      1. So out of curiosity I commented on the P8NT Instagram that recently popped up that I think some fans were confused if it was Gwen’s company or not, and asked if they are affiliated and they said they are not

  2. This is interesting-I think the p8nt site sounds like it could be to do with Gwen though… fun, excitement, glamour, success etc… it’s a possibility!
    I hope everything is true and Gwen has a fabulous year!

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