Update: Gwen Confirms “Misery” Music Video Coming Soon


Gwen confirmed on Snapchat this afternoon that she recently shot the video for her new single “Misery”. There is no set release date for it and the single is expected to hit radio May 23.

Last week Gwen had been dolled up on-set with photographer Aladdin Ishmael on possibly the “Misery” video shoot.


Photo courtesy of Target
Gwen on-set of the “Make Me Like You” video shoot; photo courtesy of Target

POPSUGAR is reporting that a casting call has been listed for a new music video shoot for Gwen happening next week with director Sophie Muller. The listing describes the video as “a very stylized music video / short . . . shot with a very 1950’s melodrama sensibility.”

Even though “Misery” has been named Gwen’s newest and latest single, it hasn’t been confirmed if she’s shooting a video for it. POPSUGAR is thinking Gwen may be going in a different direction and could see her releasing either “Red Flag” or “Naughty” as a single, which may explain the casting call itself.

The production calls for three main characters; Trudy, a stylish mother; Troy, who is described as a good-looking philanderer; and an attractive young woman as Nanny.

We’ll hold our speculations until we hear or see something more official but we’re definitely intrigued for Gwen’s next move!

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  1. I will be soooooo happy if it’s for Naughty!!! She can wag her finger all day long at Gavin and the Nanny parody!!!!!!

  2. This concept sound really cool, but I wonder what song it could be for? Clearly this won’t be the video for Misery…

  3. How could this theme possibly fit Misery? Misery is about Gwen finding a new love with Blake and not about Gavin’s cheating with the nanny.

  4. I agree with YYY, something does not sound right here. She announced Misery a few days ago, but not “officialy”, maybe the response was not positive, we know some people here were unhappy with the announcement, so her team decided to move. But, there´s a strong possibility we are still getting a video for Misery, and she is going to tell her story and later on find new love on the music video. We need to wait, she will likelly tweet something in the next days.

  5. It is for “where would I be”…I heard its a separate flashback that shows where she would be without Blake. My source could be wrong, but I really doubt it. We will see.

  6. I hope it’s for Naughty! I have a feeling the general public would hate the song, but I don’t care. I love it and I think it will be a fun song for her to perform and an even better video.

    1. Crossing my fingers for “Naughty” too! She could have so much fun with it and I think it would be an amazing choice to remind everyone of her spunky and playful side. Could also work with “Where Would I Be?”, too. She needs that buzz!

  7. She is not going to have a big hit anymore no matter what single she releases… so why even worry about what the general public think or what could be radio friendly? I’d love a kick ass video for Naughty even though the single would probably flop. MMLY on the other hand was super radio friendly, but still it didn’t go far on the charts.

  8. I’m not worried about it?? I said that I don’t care 😉 UTLY and MMLY were probably the most pop radio friendly and relatable songs on the album and they still were only moderate hits. I think it’s unlikely that anything else will catch fire now that the album is out and the buzz from that has faded. So, she might as well throw caution to the wind and put out what she loves….whether it’s Naughty, Misery or WWIB, just put out a rad video and have fun with it! 😀 I’m so glad it is getting a 3rd single and hopefully a 4th before her tour begins.

  9. She has sooo many good ones on her album it is puzzling how they choose the singles. I think topping the charts is impossible when Beyonce’s is seen as brilliante art and has one decent single IMHO — defies logic and explanation.
    What did Rolling Stone rate Gwen’s like 3 stars and Beyonce’s 5?

  10. Clearly Gwen is not over gavin yet. I thought she moved on if so why is she keeping the torch lit enought already those songs were terrible anyway to little girly why don’t she act like a Jennifer Gardner with class I am simply tired of make believe gwen and Blake the way she’s setting the kids up. She’s gone nuts with this getting even.

    1. Are you serious? An album about her journey and moving on is hardly carrying a torch.
      How long do Gwen and Blake have to be together before Miranda fans believe it is real? Their body language tells the truth– observe!
      Gwen is as classy as they come and Blake is lucky to have her.

  11. Whatever song this will be for, I just hope the video won’t be too tame. If she is really going for a nanny theme, I hope she does it in a way that getd people talking about it. Like Jenny said, Gwen really needs some buzz.

  12. I know I have an unpopular opinion based on your guy’s comments but “Red Flag” and “Naughty” are the 2 songs id vote off the album. “Send me a picture” or “Where would I be” are the 2 songs Im hoping she releases. I wouldn’t even be mad if she released “asking 4 it”

  13. I agree that she should stop wasting energy on hits and just have a good time. She’s already achieved more then expected and I get the feeling she and the label are satisfied, as they should be.

    Personally RF, A4I and Naughty are my least favorite tracks so I’m hoping for WWIB.

    I think if they hold back on the intention of being hip or appealing to the masses many great things will come from it.

  14. Noddy and red flag and up SAST all sound very similar and are my least favorite tracks from the album. I have grown to love them but nonetheless they are my least favorite tracks. Obviously this video is for misery . It’s a great song that grows on you and is super radio friendly. I see you’re doing great on radio and I can already hear all the remixes. Let’s not discount miseryS potential just because two performances failed to move the needle . Other than that I hope asking for it rare and where would I be all become singles at one point.

    1. I really want a video for Where Would I Be and Rare. I love how Beyoncé releases a video for every song on her albums. I wish more artists did that!

  15. All the songs are posted at YouTube and everyone is liking the one with Fetty the most, and are saying it should be released as a single.
    Most comments overall are very positive on her songs, some are very pleasantly surprised how much they are liking the songs.

  16. Yeah it seems like non-fans like A4I the most. I have also read many positive comments about Naughty.

    Rare and WWIB seem to be the fan-favorites.

    If Interscope and Gwen are still concerned about getting a hit, maybe A4I should be the next single.

    1. Agree it should be released as a single— given non fans are gravitating to it. Rare, WWIB and Truth I would say as runners up.
      I don’t understand the delay in releasing them tho.


    1. Well… that’s like… just your opinion 😉 I’m not a big fan of A4I, but SMAP is actually on of my favorite songs on this album 🙂 It would make a great summer single imho.

      1. I agree with send me a picture…that goin to be the official sexting anthem of the summer lol… I must agree never thought it would be one of my faves but somehow it gets a lot of plays in my iPhone haha

  18. Personally, all the songs on this album including the 4 bonus tracks are amazing. Rare is my favorite. So to me, it makes no difference what she releases as a single or video cause im gonna love them all 🙂 Although, I would love to see a video for Rare tho. 🙂

  19. “Asking 4 It” and “Naughty” are basic, awful, generic and unoriginal: PEOPLE GONNA LOVE THEM.

  20. YES !! Naughty and Red Flag are the best tracks off the standard album by far!! also YAY for Gwen getting back at Gavin (some more) though I hope and do believe she will keep it light hearted for the sake of the kids…Plus she is not in the vengeful state of mind anymore now that she is happy with Blake. I think!

  21. Like I have mentioned on another post, she might be gearing up to shoot the backdrop videos for the TTIWTFL tour.

  22. ^That’s a good possibility too!

    Honestly I’m kind of surprised WWIB is not being released as a summer single. and kind of surprised A4I isn’t either (which I think is way better than people give it credit for). Also I think Rare could actually have been a hit too if marketed correctly, but I think they would think it’s too risky?

    Not to bring up the past (but totally to bring up the past), I’m still so mad Interscope cancelled the single release for Serious. I think it could have been a smash and honestly shaped the way people see Gwen’s solo career in a really positive direction (and would have helped her now). I also get worried Interscope is fucking her over with this Misery single release.

  23. Off topic here but does anyone know how her concert ticket sales are going? I hope she does great , i have my vip ticket for oct 15th at the forum inglewood

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