Gwen Performing “Used To Love You” on Ellen Oct. 26 (Updated)


Both PlayIGA and Ellen are listing Gwen’s upcoming “Used To Love You” performance this Monday and also included a small clip from the show!

Photo courtesy of Ellen/Warner Brothers
Photo courtesy of Ellen/Warner Brothers

It’s being reported that Gwen is set to perform her new single “Used To Love You” on The Ellen DeGeneres show this coming Monday, October 26! Fans that were lucky enough to attend the taping confirmed her appearance even though it doesn’t seem to be listed on the show’s calendar as of yet. However, TV listings do have a performance from Gwen included on Monday’s episode description.

Gwen appeared on Ellen twice last fall to promote The Voice and last performed with No Doubt with “Looking Hot” in 2012. We’re super excited to see her perform!

PlayIGA also updated Gwen’s “Used To Love You” Top 40 page and revealed that she is set to perform her new single on The Voice next month!

7 Replies to “Gwen Performing “Used To Love You” on Ellen Oct. 26 (Updated)”

  1. Perfect timing! I’m so happy how they’re acting so quickly. It feels like the L.A.M.B. days. Then The Voice and hopefully the AMAs. This is what I call effective promo.

  2. Well there’s not much she could do. It seems like the single was dropped unexpectedly so they never booked performances until this week. Thankfully they were able to get Ellen and hopefully some other talk shows will follow. And yes she better be performing at the AMAS!

  3. It’s normal the song has started to drop. Don’t worry! I’m sure the song will stay in the top 20-30 until The Voice performance. And thank God there’s the Ellen performance this Monday so that will help a lot.

  4. We shouldn’t expect too much from the performance on Ellen, though. It’s great that promo is starting, but I don’t expect UTLY to get a big push from one performance on Ellen. Radio needs to jump at the song and give it some good airplay, but since many stations already play the song, I’m very optimistic.

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