Update: Gwen Performs “Underneath It All” for ‘One Voice: SOMOS Live’ Telethon

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Gwen performed a stripped down, piano heavy version of “Underneath It All” for tonight’s special SOMOS Live telethon event benefiting relief efforts for Puerto Rico. Her performance was nothing short of magical and she looked gorgeous in fringe and a long black-tipped ponytail. She ended the touching rendition with a sweet nod to Puerto Rico.


The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Gwen will take part in performing for One Voice: Somos Live! telethon event happening this Saturday, October 14, benefiting recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. The benefit concert will be hosted by Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Alex Rodriguez and will be shown “over an unprecedented simulcast by NBC and the two largest Spanish-language television networks, Telemundo and Univision.”

Gwen will perform during the telethon being held in Los Angeles which kicks off at 8:00PM EST on Univision and Telemundo (in Spanish) and later on NBC (in English) at 10:00PM EST. It’s unclear when and what she’ll be performing but it’s great to see her involved with another great cause and bring in viewers and support from the fan community.

Gwen most recently appeared and gave her time for the Hand In Hand telethon event held last month which benefited hurricane relief efforts in Texas and Florida.

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  1. Just watched Mary J Blige knock it out of the park with Chris Martin on piano. Got me thinking… what if Gwen’s song tonight was a duet with Chris? “Fix You” would be SO appropriate for this occasion (or “Don’t Speak” wouldn’t be too shabby either). Of course, it would be nice to hear “When I was a Little Girl” or “My Gift is You” live for the first time… Demi killing it now with a choir on “Hallelujah”… less than 30 mins left, and still no Gwen though! Fingers crossed. :p

    1. OMFG… “Underneath It All” !!!!!!!! Acoustic piano ballad version!!!!!! So freakin’ beautiful!!! 🙂

      1. That “Puerto Rico” at that end… clever girl, so good! They should release this as a single to raise even more money. Gwen, Demi and Mary J. were the best of the night, in that order! Oh, and outfit of the night also goes to Gwen, haha! Can’t believe I sat through almost 2 1/2 hours of mostly (sometimes quite badly sung) Latin music, but it was worth it for THAT performance… oh and also for the worthy cause of course. :-p

    1. I have a festive feeling that might actually happen, Jill! It’ll be on NBC (of course), and along the lines of “Gwen and Blake’s (or … Gwen and Friends’) Not So Family Christmas” :p … Apparently, if the twitter pics are to be believed, they’re already rehearsing the entire album (albeit with UTCL oddly omitted)! The album is really the perfect length to fill an hour special (with commercials breaks). If with Blake and Friends (Kelly, Adam, Alicia, Pharrell, Fallon, Ellen, et al.) doing yet more holiday classics + a few skits thrown in for good fun, that’ll easily stretch to 2 hours.

  2. Beautiful performance! Maybe I am crazy, but I think that since she broke up with Gavin and started dating Blake, her vocals have improved so much! Remember how flat she sounded during the P&S era and how almost every live performance was slightly painful to watch? And all that autotne on that record…

    All her TIWTTFL performances were spot on, though. And her vocals on the Christmas record are pure perfection with almost zero autotune. I guess she is so much happier and more confident now and it really shows in her voice.

    1. Agree. My Gwen package didn’t arrive yet so I got the CD at Target cause I wanted the photo book that came with it. My sound system in my car is Harmon Kardon…better than anything in my house. In that closed environment and speakers loud, I was amazed and how great her vocals were. Crystal clear and on point.
      Those are real strings and horns and she used a conductor– so great– the musical arrangements are stellar.

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