Gwen Reportedly in the Studio with Mattman & Robin and Julia Michaels

It’s being reported (with a few Instagram photos to back it up) that Gwen has been in the studio recently with songwriting and producing duo Mattman & Robin (Mattias Larsson and Robin Fredriksson) and singer/songwriter Julia Michaels.

Julia shared a photo of the bunch in the studio together as well as collaborator Justin Tranter and Aaron Bay-Schuck with Intersope.

🙂 so happy to know all these people.

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@tranterjustin #bestnight 💖gx

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Life is too good.

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Gwen shared that she’s been writing since the end of June and had close to 20 songs completed for her upcoming album. She’s spoken very enthusiastically about the progress and says that fans could expect a new single “soonish” from her. We’re very excited to hear what she’s been coming up with and we hope it’s sooner rather than later!

Thanks to @dearnodoubt for the news tip.

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  1. I don’t known why but I would love, if she released the full version of Candyland… The snippet sounds perfect to me…

  2. Mattman & Robin co-wrote and produced (with Shellback) Carly Rae Jepsen’s Run Away With Me. It’s an infectious song, even though I don’t like the artist.

    We don’t know much about these new collaborators but they’re definitely new blood and by the looks of it they’ve been writing recent hits for many artists.
    I’m starting to believe the album may be released until the end of the year. I think she might do the break up thing but in dance music mode.

  3. I hope its a lengthy album or there’s a deluxe version, I want to hear all of the songs! We do deserve them for our patience! Lol

  4. Off topic but I didn’t know people are STILL talking/reporting on the divorce. Just this week so far Wendy Williams has done two segments on the divorce & she went INNNNN on it both times. Slinging shit at Gavin, Marilyn, Daisy Lowe, the money, the kids, Blake Shelton… I just wonder if she’ll ever address the divorce in general. I mean I know right now all of her people are making sure every reporter doesn’t ask about it, but if she’s going to release an album soon wouldn’t it be smarter to comment on the divorce before she does press for her album and the music gets over shadowed by her personal life??

  5. I highly doubt she will talk about her divorce. Let’s not forget that Gavin is still the father of her kids. She can express her frustrations and the breakup through songs but that’s a whole different thing. At the end of the day she will protect her kids.

  6. I think she’s handling the divorce flawlessly. She really hasn’t missed a beat – she looks happier than ever. If she wants to talk about it on the album (which knowing Gwen is likely), then we will have the art to connect to. Wendy Williams is a loser. So there’s that.

  7. It makes me worried seeing 6 people in that picture… I don’t want her to turn into Britney Spears or Beyonce with their 7 writing credits for a 3 minute song. I hope 80% of the lyrics are Gwen’s…if not more 😉

    I’m sure Gwen will open up about her divorce when she’s ready. Gavin seems to be mum about it too. The media will mention her divorce for the rest of her career.

  8. She can address the divorce with out saying anything bad about Gavin. I agree @ndlover, he is the father of her children I dont see her saying anything bad. I guess I was just shocked to see/hear all this talk about it all weeks later, I thought itd be old news by now

  9. I’m super excited she’s working with Justin. He’s he lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons who open for lady gaga a lot and have worked with gaga as well. SPW are an acquired taste but I love them!!

  10. Their official statement pretty much sums up what she wants the public to know. I doubt she will go into detail. I wouldnt be surprise if she imply something indirectly in her songs cuz they tend to be up for interpretations. She’s doin a lot better than I thought she would. She seems very positive n optimistic but u could tell some raw emotions that come out whenever she performs as exhibited by her lyric changes lol. Anyways, our girl is inspired and I’m excited to hear new music

  11. It’s really great that she’s still (or again?) working on new music, and I’m especially happy it’s other people than Pharrell writing the songs with her. I’ve never really liked their collaborations, so I’m quite confident her album’s gonna sound cool. I’m very excited! 🙂

  12. I agree Michael, I was thinking the same thing….I’m glad Pharrell doesn’t seem to be apart of these new sessions.

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