Gwen Appearing on Snoop Dogg’s New Album; “Run Away” (Updated)


Snoop Dogg Tweeted out the track listing for his new album Bush and Gwen appears on “Run Away”, the second to last song. We’re excited for Gwen and can’t wait to hear the track once Snoop’s new album is out on May 12!


In an new interview and article with Hot New Hip Hop, rapper Snoop Dogg apparently revealed that Gwen will be appearing on his upcoming album Bush, due out May 12.

Not too many details are out about the album’s track listing (including which track Gwen will be featured on) but Snopp did work with close friend and producer Pharrell Williams. He says of working with Gwen, “… I got his number, gave it to Pharrell, and P called him up and made it happen. Same with Charlie Wilson and Gwen Stefani. This is what we do.”

You can pre-order Snoop Dogg’s new album now on iTunes.

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23 Replies to “Gwen Appearing on Snoop Dogg’s New Album; “Run Away” (Updated)”

  1. Intriguing… at least he’s a big name and to be honest I’m just happy for Gwen to be getting involved in things!

  2. That’s cool! The album will be out in 2 weeks. I’m actually liking Snoop Dogg’s latest songs. Snoop + Pharrell + Gwen sounds like a great combo.

  3. May 12? That’s pretty soon! At least she’s throwing us a bone… I just hope the song will be good.

  4. I guess this will be the song we already learned about back in January:

    “Pharrell himself is seated at a studio console, eating chicken soup and working on a song he’s writing for Snoop and Gwen Stefani. The song sounds pretty dope. I’m not going to try to describe it, but in honor of Pharrell’s synesthesia, I’ll say: It sounds bright green.”

    So at least we know that it will sound “pretty dope” 😉

  5. I’m so glad they’re throwing us a bone while we’re waiting. It was unexpected and we won’t need to wait too long.

  6. snoop dog didnt get a hit so far with thos 2 songs out, i waas so interested on the first track which came up with repetitive sounds all over the time. I rly hope Gwens one bring something different and original.

  7. I hope this song will be something different and not a typical Pharrell production, though. And I hope Gwen has a good part and not just a few words like on “Can I have it like that”.

  8. I’m psyched about this. You know there aren’t aiming for a top 10 hit, which should make it more interesting. Way cooler choice then maroon 5 and Calvin Harris.

  9. ^ Yaah I agree. This collaboration makes more sense than the CH and M5 ones. I hope it’s a good track though.

  10. It better be uptempo cause a song called run away sounds slow……. But with snoop and pharrell I hope it’s good been waiting for a collab like this for a long time

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