Gwen Reportedly Appearing on New Major Lazer Album


According to a new report from, Major Lazer frontman and collaborator Diplo revealed that Gwen will be appearing on their upcoming album expected in the spring of next year. He’s described the project as “taken the attitude of what the future of reggae could sound like.”

Diplo shared back in July that he was working on new material for Gwen’s upcoming album and previously collaborated with No Doubt on “Push and Shove”.

It’s exciting to hear about more new collaborations on the way!

Photo courtesy of No Doubt.

14 Replies to “Gwen Reportedly Appearing on New Major Lazer Album”

  1. i am not a huge fan of major lazer, plz stop GENERALIZING most of nd fands dont like it either (my best guess). just say “I love major lazor, but dunno about the rest” proper pronouns!

    apart from that, major lazer is in low priority, cant imagine getting sth good from them. it didnt happen with maroon5 nor calvin harrys why would it happen with mj.

  2. We’re so excited. We can’t wait for another Major Lazer collaboration.
    We’re so happy about another collaboration between them. It’s a dream coming true, for us fans.

  3. I just love how Gwen is everywhere these days, doing all these collaborations and just having fun with all these different artists 😀 I have no fear that this track with ML will be good. I enjoy most of their music. We probably shouldn’t expect another P&S, but I have no doubt that this song will be good.

  4. I am a huge Major Lazer album. Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do is my favorite. This is the direction I was hoping No Doubt would take. Tons of horns and great reggae beats. Cant wait for this collab. <3

  5. I’m excited… the more collabs the better for me as it’s just more bits of Gwen to look forward to. I am going to start being happy with anything with any Gwen I can get because I remember thinking there would never be any more solo Gwen & now there’s all this…

  6. Yeah, I can confidently say, WE think LAMB is a jerk. I think WE all know that what the author meant by “We” is the team behind the website.

    I come to this site to celebrate all of the updates and developments of Gwen and No Doubt. I read the comments to be a part of the ND community, but some people are writing negativity just to be negative… it’s not fair to the rest of us. Please seek help. Please restrain yourself from purposely being a downer. It’s not healthy.

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