Update: Gwen Appearing on Netflix’s ‘Chelsea’ May 18


Check out the full interview with Gwen were she opens up to Chelsea about balancing her life, going on tour, writing her new album, faith and her smash country-crossover hit with boyfriend Blake Shelton, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart”.



Chelsea Handler has confirmed that Gwen stopped by the studios in Culver City yesterday and will be appearing on Chelsea tomorrow, Wednesday May 17! She posted a few photos from the set with Gwen and shared “I love [Gwen] because she’s an original badass. She’s on Wednesday’s show and it’s my favorite so far.”

Chelsea airs exclusively on Netflix and Gwen’s episode will be available starting Wednesday night at 12:01AM.


Fans have been reporting that Gwen is set to make her debut on good friend and comedian Chelsea Handler’s new late-night show Chelsea airing exclusively on Netflix. She is said to be appearing this coming Wednesday, May 18, for an interview which will tape earlier in the week in Culver City. Episodes stream exclusively on Netflix Wednesday-Friday at 12:01AM and are available after they air to re-watch. More than likely Gwen will sit down for an interview.

Fans are able to request to be on the wait list for the live taping on 1iota.com. The guest’s names are not listed on the site so we’re not able to confirm for sure which date she will be taping on but it’s rumored she will be there Monday, May 16.

Gwen appeared also with Chelsea on her E! series finale back in August 2014.

14 Replies to “Update: Gwen Appearing on Netflix’s ‘Chelsea’ May 18”

  1. I think Chelsea’s show is gonna be big, as most of her projects are well received. I think this will be a good interview! I think it’s important she has this exposure to win back any fans who may have been swayed by the tabloid stories about her and Miranda . She’s so real and charismatic, it’s great more people will get to see that!

    1. A fan that was at the taping said nothing new is really talked about during in the interview but it was a pleasure seeing these two women together. They adore each other!

      1. It’s so odd that they are friends. Chelsea seems like the type of girl who would hate Gwen lol

  2. I watched this morning… it was a bit short for me, comparing to her first show guest that was on for the entire show. Nothing new, she talked about how she and Blake wrote their song, how it is to tour with kids, the process of writting the new album and her love of Japan.
    On a side note… man those long nails get on my nerves! LOL!!!

  3. We definitely need to start a drinking game for every time Gwen says “like” or “miracle”! LOL

    Great interview. Gwen looked beautiful and I found their religious banter interesting.

  4. This was awesome. I loved how Chelsea called her out on the constant repeating of the same phrases, and how crazy she sounds with all the god stuff. She really is sounding loopy lately…

  5. Chelsea has given Gwen another nice little promo boost and TIWTTFL is back up to #23 on iTunes (notably it rose as high as #18 immediately following Carpool Karaoke). This is an extremely respectable chart position for album that is already two-months old particularly for an artist who is not riding on the momentum of a string of recent mega-hit albums or singles and the kind and size of fan base that builds. The album has risen above other more recent #1 albums like those from ZAYN and The Lumineers. Bodes well for the foreseeable longevity of the album. A lot of the albums currently in the Top 40 are from artists currently on tour or who have just recently toured. Mind you though, #23 is before the weekly deluge of new releases that will enter the charts a few hours from now, including Blake’s new album. 🙂

  6. Nice interview but those nails… lol they look more like claws. I’m actually a bit tired of the nails’ trend thing lately. Not only Gwen but most celebs. In 5-10 years we will look back at some of these photos from this decade and have a good laugh. 😛

  7. Her nails are pure (714)!!! While LITERALLY every celeb has followed the trend of those pointy witch-like nails, Gwen never changed her chola-OC nails! Love it

    1. Her Snapchat from this weekend shows her with those awfull pointy nails every other celebrity is wearing. She actually wore those for Misery’s performance on the The Voice.

  8. & like a lot of Italians, I was also raised Catholic like Gwen so I absolutely love to hear her talk spiritually, see the Rosery beads in her album artwork, see paparazzi pics of her at church etc etc etc. but at the same time i guess it’s only because I have that personal connection to Catholicism… Otherwise it’s prob turn me off too.. Idk… But any faith is good for anyone.. Chelsea sounded rude in my opinion

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