Gwen Reported To Appear On Jimmy Fallon Mon. Feb 2 (Updated)


Headline Planet and NBC have confirmed that Gwen will both be interviewed and performing on the show!


According to Headline Planet, Gwen is set to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on next Monday, February 2. She was reported to be appearing on the show earlier this week.

Jimmy will be shooting in Los Angeles following the Super Bowl and Gwen will join Michael Keaton as guests on his first show. We’re excited to see Gwen!

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon airs on NBC starting at 11:35 PM EST/PST, 10:35 PM CT.

Photo courtesy of NBC.

29 Replies to “Gwen Reported To Appear On Jimmy Fallon Mon. Feb 2 (Updated)”

  1. It was confirmed she is performing. But what on earth would she be singing? I hope to god she gave up on STF. Maybe an old solo hit to hype up the LA show?

  2. I think she will perform an old song to promote her concert. Maybe even a short medley. I really don’t see her dropping a new single already and I pray to God that she won’t perform STF again on a TV show…

    1. Well, she still performed STF in Qatar, so I don’t think she’s exactly “done” with this song 😉 She obviously likes it a lot and that’s great! I applaud her for sticking to her material, but I think she needs to stop rubbing that song into everyone’s face. People really don’t like it.

  3. She can play it as part of her shows but I mean she done promoting it and trying to be a thing when it wasn’t. I think she’s done with that and doesn’t mean she’ll excluded it from her catalog ;p

  4. Yeah I really hope she’s done promoting STF. I think it’s about time she introduces some more new songs. It’s probably too early to release a new single already, but she could test some of her new material at her upcoming shows and perform some of the yet unreleased songs. It would help to keep people interested and she could test her new songs. I remember that she also performed Orange County Girl long before the album was released.

  5. Guys, there are fans who actually want to hear STF live. Stop assuming nobody cares because it’s not true. She won’t exclude it from her live shows at all. If the Qatar setlist is anything similar, then it will be the show opener in LA, which is a great choice.

  6. I think it’s about knowing when to move on. STF wasn’t well received by most. If it were in the top 100, I would say keep trying to promote it, but it’s been dead pretty much since it came out. I appreciate her effort and commitment to the song though and I’m sure it will remain part of her tour setlist. I hope she has something special up her sleeve for these random shows and appearances!

  7. It could be a new single or just MHIO. Maybe interscope thought he should step in to give her a little push? But if Maroon 5 just released Sugar then it doesn’t make any sense. Well, the best to do is wait and see whatever they have planned.

  8. @NDlover there are lots of artists who have had two singles out at the same time before so it is very possible. Not sure if she would perform the song without Adam though when it technically belongs to Maroon 5. I would be very happy if it was a new song featuring adam because it would have big potential to be a hit! But she will probably just end up performing Hollaback Girl lol.

  9. We should not fool ourselves by assuming that their Grammy performance hints to a new song. Their are many different musical pairs performing together that night, but that doesn’t mean all of them are going to drop a new single together. I highly doubt Hozier and Annie Lennox or Jessie J and Tom Jones have a new collaboration coming up. These will be random “special” performances just for the Grammys. Gaga and Tony are the only exception, because they happen to actually have a whole album togehter. If they performed a new Gwen single, it would say “Gwen Stefani with Adam Levine” and not “Adam Levine with Gwen Stefani”.

  10. Why are we wasting time trying to pinpoint what the heck is she going to perform? I think we should be glad that she’s getting so much time on the media lately and we are getting to see her perform more often then we did in the past. For us fans is great that she’s once again relevant to the general public, that means more opportunities and more new things coming our way in the coming months. So much bitching over nothing…

  11. ^ Cynthia I agree with you, but no one here’s bitching. We’re just trying to guess what they will perform. We’re all excited for this performance. Of course it’s a big deal to perform at the GRAMMYs.

  12. Wow. I don’t see anyone “bitching.” It’s just conversations/speculation between fans. Isn’t this what the comments section is for? 😉

  13. I honestly think that the constant bashing of STF is getting boring already. The bitching Im refering is not about this post specifically, but several others. I get that people dont like it, but come on… enough already.

  14. Oh yeah! I’m also a bit tired of the bashing about STF. Even more when I support it 100%. i guess it’s time for fans overall to embrace this song and expect her to perform it live.

  15. That’s life. Some people love it, some people hate it, but at least people care enough to talk about it. Many don’t like Together or NTYGI or Breakin Up and I happen to love those songs. It doesn’t offend me that others don’t feel the same and they don’t have to “embrace” them just because I like them. At the end of the day, we are all fans and want the best from Gwen (ND too). I think many of us feel comfortable being honest and sharing opinions and insight with each other, but obviously some find the honesty offensive. To each their own! 😉

  16. Honesty is not offensive, but there are people here that do offend Gwen and the boys that’s what I’m talking about.

  17. You’re being vague so I don’t know who you’re talking about. Most of us enjoy the conversation I think. There will always be trolls and I just ignore them.

  18. I haven’t read offensive comments here for a while now. I remember that it was really bad when BDL and later STF were released, but since the general interest in Gwen’s comeback has declined, I’d say it’s mostly the usual hardcore fans posting here.

  19. The only troll is LAMB who keeps posting nonsense on here and the forum. He has slowed down a little lately…

  20. Yeah anything I post is my opinion only, I cannot speak for the entire fan base. None of my comments have been meant to be taken as “bitching” although I have been underwhelmed by the material Gwen has released so far, but I will always support her!

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