Gwen Reportedly Appearing on New Major Lazer Album Due This Summer

Sources are reporting that electronic group Major Lazer is set to release their follow-up album Music is the Weapon later this summer in August/September and will include Gwen on a new song.

Major Lazer’s Diplo shared that Gwen recorded two songs with Major Lazer saying, “We did two songs with her: one we didn’t use her voice on it [and] we have another song that’s amazing that we’ve put to the second album because this is a two album series.”

News of the collaboration dates back to 2014 and Diplo had played what sounds like a clip of an unreleased track that seemed to feature Gwen live in concert. Diplo describes the track with Gwen having “a big classic reggae No Doubt” vibe and says that Gwen “sounds awesome”.

We’re hoping Gwen’s unreleased feature will be on the upcoming album since it’s something we’ve wanted to hear for a really long time!

No Doubt notably collaborated with Major Lazer on “Push and Shove.”

19 Replies to “Gwen Reportedly Appearing on New Major Lazer Album Due This Summer”

  1. I forgot that Major Lazer was featured on on Push & Shove. Love that song. That would be awesome if it was released as a single for Gwen since ML is doing so well right now.

  2. Oh my freaking God that is Gwen Stefani in the snippet! I really hope it makes the record!!!!! Diplo has shared that it was always a dream of his to collaborate with Gwen. But funny thing is he’s gotten really high profile since, even more than Gwen.

  3. Finally !!! been waiting for this to drop , Major Lazer re release “leaked” months ago and Gwen wasnt on it , but Kali Uchis was replaced on one of the tracks that was originally ment for Gwen . So im beyond excited they are re thinking the track list for their re- release and feat GWEN !!

  4. How do yuo know that Kali Uchis replaced Gwen on “Waves”? Was that ever confirmed by someone?

  5. saw diplo and g both recently at the Samsung popup event a couple of months back… So maybe they are working together in some capacity? Would love for them to release something together…

  6. can’t effing wait! I will be so disappointed if Diplo scrapped the song. Gwen’s singles might not be doing great, but she is a very public figure and just had a #1 Album and Nationwide tour. CAN NOT WAIT!!!

  7. I’m very skeptical about this!! Diplo said recently he knew Justin B., Mo and Tove Lo were confirmed but not anyone else because he has several artists cutting vocals for the same song, and close to the release he’ll choose who makes the record (I suppose based on the best vocals/who’s more high profile)…

  8. Soooo, any new info on this? Is this gonna happen? I have been starving for new music every since that let down of a Trolls feature. WYWW was alright, but I want more! Especially reggae Gwen!

    1. The latest I’ve heard is that their album will be out early 2017 but no confirmation on Gwen’s track. It feels like we’ve waited forever!

      1. Thanks! Yes, we have waited too long! I would have also loved to hear Lifting You as that was supposed to be reggae too…

      2. Wait…I have a theory. What if Lifting You is the Major Lazer track? She called it a little bit raeggae and Major Lazer claimed they were writing for her 3rd album back in the BDL days… Maybe?

        1. Possibly. I also heard that Major Lazer won’t be releasing an album anytime soon and are just focusing on singles from now on. I wonder if we’ll ever even hear the track with Gwen… what a bummer.

          1. That is a bummer. I thought Music is the Weapon was going to be released soon. 🙁 Thanks for keeping us posted and here’s to hoping!

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