Gwen Reflects On Her Style and New Eyewear Collections (Updated)


Gwen also spoke with Who What Wear about the upcoming collection in a new interview and how proud she is of her L.A.M.B. line after launching it in 2003.

On the eyewear collections, Gwen said she designed the lines while using herself as a model. “I would fix them to make everything perfect—little details like a grommet on the side or where the logo goes. It’s a lot of options and a lot of work.” She had such a great time designing the collections and said that she could literally spend weeks working on new designs with all the different patterns and materials. Gwen wanted the collections to be an extension of herself and her love for eyewear. “I like hip-hop influences and I love retro sunglasses. It’s all in there, and there are two different collections. L.A.M.B. is chic designer, more high-end [styles], and with GX, it’s more colorful and fun.”

Gwen compared her upcoming record to Love.Angel.Music.Baby. saying her debut album was very thematic which lead to one of her most creative periods in her life. She says that her new album is more of an “emotional record” about “truth and honesty.” “That’s where am at: I’m at an emotional place right now.”


Photo courtesy of Gx
Photo courtesy of Gx

In a new feature with Vogue, Gwen reflects on her homemade ’90s style as well as her upcoming eyewear collections for Gx and L.A.M.B.

Gwen shared that she recently got glasses for herself right before getting pregnant with her third son Apollo (remember the photos of her in the studio with No Doubt wearing those killer black frames?) She said that everyone in her family wears glasses and thought she was lucky not having to get a pair of her own until now. “I was so excited to get [glasses] and wear them, and then I just never did. After I had the baby, I don’t know what happened, but I was like, ‘Whoa, I need these,’ and that’s right when the samples came.”

She called herself a “kid in a candy store with glasses” and says she likes “nerd glasses, bigger glasses.” Gwen shares that she loves mixing up styles of sunglasses and “the idea of something masculine and feminine.” She raves about doing eyewear since it appeals to everyone and not a certain body type.

On her iconic ’90s style, Gwen says that she was always into makeup and style growing up and found herself wanting to experiment more in high school alongside music. “My mom was quite fashionable, and she grew up in the ’60s, which was such an amazing time period for [style]. Then [I got] into ska music, which was a nod to the ’60s and ’70s. The bands I was into—it wasn’t a lot of girls, so I didn’t really know how to dress. I got really into thrift store shopping, really discovered Marilyn Monroe and James Dean and started watching every single old movie. It’s just so glamorous. That’s where it started for me.”

Gwen says that she remembers touring the Tragic Kingdom album and sending back swatches with ideas to have clothes made for her, mentioning her iconic yellow bondage pants. “I never had a stylist or a makeup artist or even an assistant. I had my makeup box and I had my suitcase. I was on tour for two and a half years, I never came home.” She says she looks back at her style during that era and called it a “mess” but doesn’t have any fashion regrets. Gwen felt her style really evolved during the Rock Steady period.

Gwen recalls her very first fashion show, seeing Vivenne Westwood in New York in 2000, and meeting hairstylist and close friend Danilo. She shared that her first designer piece was a floral corset designed by Westwood that she famously wore in the “Spiderwebs” video. Gwen also credits stylist Andrea Lieberman for opening her eyes to the fashion world after working together with her on the “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” video. “We hit it off. She grew up in New York, and she went to art school and fashion school, and she traveled through Africa . . . We had so much in common, but not. She really taught me about fashion.” Gwen says that she misses working with Andrea and called her her “favorite person ever.”

The new collections of Gx and L.A.M.B. eyewear are set to hit retailers this Friday, January 22!

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