Gwen Reaches 1,000,000 Followers On Twitter


We would like to congratulate Gwen on finally reaching 1,000,000+ followers on Twitter! She Twetted out how close she was to the milestone awhile back and we’re thrilled for her. What nice early Birthday present that must be!

Make sure to follow the whole band on Twitter if you’re not already. No Doubt has always been incredibly humble and grateful to their fans on the social networking website. Steve Bradley

15 Replies to “Gwen Reaches 1,000,000 Followers On Twitter”

  1. Such a gorgeous pic of her. She deserves more followers though. Many people don’t know she’s on twitter because she only joined last year. Plus she barely tweets.

  2. Ok. Twitter, clothing lines, stalker/papz pics. No word from them on music. I am finally really loosing interest in them at this point.

  3. Calm down, Zeek. They worked on new music already, they’ll release it when they’re ready to commit.
    Just realize the promo schedule is not easy at all and as a fan, I’d rather wait until they’re prepared and ready to kill it.

  4. With all due respect Ed, we’ve waited FOREVER for that. I wish they could just commit to it long enough to make it work.

  5. i love how martin solveig responds and no reply from Gwen. He is in love with her. A collaboration is needed!!!! Gwen hit him up!

  6. It’s really amazing how she got that many followers considering that she barely tweets and hasn’t done anything exciting lately. It just shows how much of a star she still is.

  7. In the twitter world 1 million isn’t exactly incredible; It used to annoy me so much that Gwen didn’t even have a million when she is bloody Gwen Stefani-GWEN IS A MASSIVE STAR whether she’s doing much at current or not!

  8. I’m relaxed… I’m just being honest in how I feel. Waited 11 years for my favorite band to come back, only to have it all swept aside in order to work on new music to be released in 2013… New music we haven’t heard anything about in months. So yeah, it’s kind of dissapointing. Tom seems to be the only one that is interested in talking about music at all. Everything with P&S was so brief… I feel like No Doubt really hasn’t been around since Rock Steady. So yeah, all this papz/fashion/vacationing and no passion about music is depressing as a fan. At least communicate with us….

  9. I agree with you Zeek. Although, I think they (Tom) are not saying anything because there really isn’t anything to say. I’m not trying to cause trouble, but I have been wondering if there is some kind of turmoil within the band we don’t know about? Why was everything so abruptly halted in the early part of May? It doesn’t make any sense.

  10. im with zeek. its all smelling pretty rotten. I wish theyd just say “actually, we dont want to promote this, we’re almost 50 with kids and we don’t really wanna do this full time anymore. sorry.” the secrecy is frustrating and the only people who wanna know whats going on is their fans. so yeah, i feel kinda slighted by them.

    and yes, 1mil followers sounds cool but a large portion are spam accounts. Twitter needs to think of a better way to remove the fake accounts..

  11. I’m losing interest in the band they haven’t been really planning new album or tour we have waited 12 years and we get no tour very disappointing I wish that they would get back in studio and start working

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