Gwen Possibly Working with DJ Mustard

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1969293_10152381382239873_1648996202_n reported the news of Gwen’s manager revealing plans on finishing up her album by December and they mention that she has been “collecting ideas” from DJ Mustard. Azoff shared that Gwen was currently in Miami with Pharrell working together on new songs and would picking a lead track to be released soon.

DJ Mustard is also behind fellow pop singer Fergie’s new comeback track, “L.A. Love (La La)”. The producer is also reportedly working on an album of his own, too.

Photo courtesy of Gwen.

13 Replies to “Gwen Possibly Working with DJ Mustard”

  1. I hope it’s a better song than the half-cooked Fergie single. That was so bland. I wonder if their plans have changed and the lead single will be a different song now? Who knows, maybe they recorded a last minute song that is a better contender as 1st single than Baby Don’t Lie? I’m intrigued! Anyway I hope we get that release within the next 2 weeks.

  2. As long as the song is good, I don’t really care that much about who produced it. This mustard guy is getting a lot of praise for his work lately and I read a lot that this Fergie single is an exceptionally weak work of his. Maybe he’ll create something more special with Gwen.

  3. I’ve listened to a bit of his new album and he has got some sick beats but honestly I’m kinda tired of this hip-hop bs. At least I hope he’s not a feature.

  4. OMG… Who?! I don’t know most of these people is working with. I get that they are the ones behind most pop songs lately, and that kinda scares me, cause there a lot of junk lately.

  5. As for the Fergie song, I dared to listen to it and it sounds like most of the stuff that currently being played on the radio lately. Thing is, pop has become so week and uninspired on the past decade that none of this songs create an impact on people.

  6. OMG! I was just driving listening to the Fergie song a couple of days ago and I was thinking so hard “Gwen needs a track with Mustard on the beat!”. The production in “La.La.Love” and especially “2 On” is sick… Gwen’s vocals with his sound would definitely work.

  7. He’s working with a lot of ppl, that Jeremih “Don’t Tell ‘Em”, Fergie’s new single, Tinashe’s “2 on”, etc…

  8. I don’t know who some of these people are that she’s working with either, but I trust her judgement. Just as long as she stays away from Nate Ruess and Pitbull LOL

  9. We probably can’t expect her to release another kind of L.A.M.B. record that’s totally out of the box by today’s standards. “Edgy” and “different” music just isn’t selling these days. I’m sure her new material will be cool and fun, but I got a feeling that we should be prepared for it to be far more “basic” this time around. Probably a lot more TSE than L.A.M.B.

  10. Off topic slightly but it’s weird how many crazy, random and alternative songs there were on the L.A.M.B album, it’s such a weird but total guilty pleasure album… I wonder how many hits and videos this little solo stint is going to create?! I get the impression it’s only going to be for a brief period to fill some space with a successful stint before getting back to ND’s new stuff? I’m just so intrigued how this is all going to work out……

  11. I think its longevity depends on how successful it is. If she gets a big hit I bet she would hold off on ND and do another solo tour.

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