Gwen Phones In To EW’s Inside TV

Gwen phoned in for a new interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Inside TV about her new role on The Voice this morning.

She says that she “really started to freak out” before agreeing to join. Gwen admits that she only knew Pharrell before and even says that she only knew the producer side of him. “I was in the studio with him but not like we were homies hanging out”. Gwen says that she wrote Adam an email and got to know him beforehand and then headed into the studio together to work on “My Heart It Open”. After everything, she feels like they had known each other a long time. Gwen had been told that Blake was a “big teddy bear” and calls him an “amazing guy”. She calls the experience seamless, fun and “meant to be”.

The interviewer brings up how some people called Christina Aguliara harsh with her critiques, Gwen responds by saying at the end of the day, they are coaches not judges. She was worried about the process because she considers herself a non-confrontational person, “I like everyone to be happy. I’m a Libra”. Gwen says that on the show, the contestants are there to be critiqued and that they want to know. “That’s what the show is, it’s coaching.”

She’s said that she’s learned so much from this experience and calls it an “inspiring time”.

Thank you to Lamb83 for ripping and uploading most of the interview for everyone to check out.

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