Gwen Performs “Make Me Like You” on ‘The Late Late Show’

Gwen performed “Make Me Like You” live last night on the The Late Late Show with James Corden! She looked and sounded amazing and you can check out some photos below from the show. Gwen’s performance seemed to give her a little boost on the iTunes chart and we hope it continues to climb. If you want to watch the whole episode, head on over to

Though sources were reporting that Gwen filmed a Carpool Karaoke segment with James Corden (and has yet to be confirmed), it did not air during last night’s episode.

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  1. Everything was on point about this performance. Great vocals! I also loved the outfit and hair. 😀

  2. I still think they need to improve the instrumentals. Gwen, get a bigger band and loose the background track. To me it kinda kills the whole point of having musicians and play it live, the actual playing gets lost. But Gwen’s performance was great.

  3. I didn’t like the backing track I found it to be way too loud. Still not a huge fan of this song live, I prefer Used to Love You. Hoping Misery will translate better live

  4. You guys, tone down your unreal expectations. Gwen did great and the backing track was fine, they have to use it in order to get a performance that most resembles the studio version.

    1. It’s not unreal expectations. Pop/Dance artists usually use that kind of backing track. I don’t see anything wrong with that. It actually sounds better that way. This isn’t a rock show.

  5. Unreal expectations? Lol. I didn’t notice the backing track on the Ellen performance so something was definitely changed

  6. Sorry Ed, but I expect live music to be and sound live, not voice over only. Otherwise why bother, just have her pulling an Ashley Simpson move when perfoming. The back track serves only to hide the lack of live musicians, that happens with overproduced music, perfect studio version, that almost never translate to live performances. ND was about being a live band, I would expect that from Gwen as well. She had amazing musicians while performing LAMB and TSE songs live, why not repeat it this time around?

  7. It was okay, but it doesn’t seem that I will ever connect with this song live. It’s just not very exciting and the backing track was too loud/distracting. I hope at some point she puts out or performs an acoustic version that we can get our hands on because the snippet we got on Oscar night sounded sooo promising!

    Just a side note, but the thing I love most about ND is that their songs are BETTER live. They never sound exactly like the studio version. She doesn’t need a loud backing track and a mute band. The live version would sound even better without those things IMO.

    I’m sooo eager to see Gwen’s karaoke segment!!

    1. Amanda – Speaking of Carpool Karaoke, it’s being reported in the media that there’ll be a special prime time (=10pm?) Carpool Karaoke episode of The Late, Late Show on Tues, Mar 29, with special guest… *ahem* Jennifer Lopez. James says it’ll feature some of his fave carpool skits, as well as “a couple of new ones.” Not sure if “special guest” means J-Lo will perform a song on the show, or will be co-hosting, or (as the media is assuming) she will feature in a carpool segment of her own. If it’s the latter, then let’s hope Gwen’s is the other new segment. There’s also always a possibility he’ll squeeze in a new segment on the regular show the week prior to the special…

  8. For me, this was definitely was a late, late night performance worth staying up for, and the best of the the live performances thus far ( televised ones, that is — still need the full clip of the acoustic Oscars Vanity Fair performance!!!! Arghhhh…. >.< ). Absolutely loved the vocal, the movement/energy level, the outfit/hair/makeup, basically everything. I get that the band could get better to the point they could actually eventually ditch the backing track, but they were MUCH better than at Ellen. So be thankful for small mercies, peeps, Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say, and they've only had mere weeks to rehearse this song and we're only a handful of performances in! This is a NEW song, not something they've been performing for months/years… and you definitely can NOT compare these types of studio performances to NO DOUBT live tours (as if !), or even Gwen's past solo tours. There are MONTHS of rehearsals before they can even contemplate hitting the road for a full-scale tour and do that justice, AND even then, the performances get progressively better with MORE TIME on the road. Also, think about the sheer amount of monster equipment they haul along on tour, and get onto those huge live concert venue stages… logistically (and financially), you can't do the same on these small studio sound stages for a one-off performance, nor would they likely allow you to. (Come to think of it, the Vanity Fair show was acoustic likely because of logistics and the limitations of the venue.) Hence, most of these types of promo appearances invariably involve scaled down sound productions that feature backing tracks. They'll be 100% up to scratch, and ditch the backing track once they're ready to tour (if there's going to be a tour).

  9. I agree with Cynthia and Amanda, but also Echoustic made good points.

    I used to compare ND to Gwen solo frequently and was often disappointed. If you compare their raw, punk rock live show attitude to her new and barely rehearsed solo performances, obviously ND shows would win out. Gwen has charisma though, as she always has, and while she’s not running all over the stage for these shows- she’s still a great performer. I get it though, I’m underwhelmed, but I still blame the producers for that. Patiently waiting for the album

    No point in speculating about a baby, I think it’s getting close to the time where they would be forced to have to announce it, if there was one. We’ll see…

  10. I think ‘make me love you’ is absolute bubblegum bimbo-mindless-electric-GENIUS pop, along the lines of ‘call me maybe’ or ‘teenage dream’—this eras super high poofy dresses I think are in her way though

  11. No one else sees that she has no waist anymore? Her shoulder blades matching with her hip bones?… And literally every other pregnant woman visual? Sorry for 20+ years she’s never casually looked this way to me.. Don’t know how you all even hear the music. Doing you all a favor and won’t leave a comment until her pregnancy anouncment! See you soon no doubters!

  12. Yes she is pregnant. I don’t see how it’s not obvious to all of you by now? Is it going to tarnish your imagine of Gwen in some way? Well it seems to me that she is finally happy. And if she so chooses to have children, that’s her business. But she is pregnant. Sometimes as much as I hate to say it. Those trash magazine’s are right. Maybe Blake is trying to give her something she dosent already have? A little girl.

  13. Will say one last thing… Girl is pushing 47, menopause is aroud the corner (happens to all women, including Gwen), and the body changes, the way fat gets distributed change, a lot of things change. Also, surprise surprise, pregnancy at her age is a rare thing to happen without some help (dont matter how good, healthy and yada yada yada, how she looks), so why are you pushing this subject?
    Did you all fail at basic human biology classes (Bob, I can understand, dude is 14 !)
    I speak for mysfelf, no matter what I do, at 35, my body will never look exaclty like it did in my 20’s, and the same happens to all women.

    1. I don’t understand their pleasure in saying she’s pregnant when it’s pretty obvious she isn’t lol They’ve been saying the same thing for the last 3 months and her stomach looks exactly the same.

  14. NDLOVER I don’t think anyone is taking pleasure in calling her pregnant- it’s just Internet gossip. It’s REALLY not that serious, so even if you don’t agree, you also don’t need to be so defensive about it. It’s just a rumor. People are discussing the rumor. You don’t know her. So you don’t know what is or isn’t true.

  15. @cynthia, you keep going back to her age, and I get it it’s 100% logical. That was my #1 reason not to believe (being that I’m also not a woman, none of it made sense)…but I learned my 91year old grandmother who had 11 children.. Had her last child at 44 and didn’t get menopause until almost 52. Plus, Gwen is 1000000%%%%% HOLLYWOOD, she can afford to do all that stuff… Her and Gavin could’ve been separated since first season of the voice (like the tabloids at the time where saying)… Her romance with mr. Country superstar could be longer than we all know. Naturally conceived, invitro, turkey baster, good ol missionary style, frozen eggs, octomom doctor—-WHATEVER—HOMEGIRL IS PREGGO

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