Gwen Performs a Mini-Concert for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Updated)


Gwen sat down with Jimmy Kimmel for an interview prior to hitting the stage which you can check out here.

Photo courtesy of @mustachepapi
Photo courtesy of @mustachepapi

Photo courtesy of @mustachepapi
Photo courtesy of @mustachepapi

Photo courtesy of Rachel Crowell
Photo courtesy of Rachel Crowell

Gwen recently taped 5 songs for Jimmy Kimmel Live which is set to air tonight sometime after 11:15pm EST.

As of now, no videos have officially been shared from the performance by ABC but a few have been popping up courtesy of fans that attended the taping.


  • Make Me Like You
  • Used To Love You
  • What You Waiting For?
  • Hollaback Girl
  • The Sweet Escape

“Make Me Like You” and another song (most likely “Used To Love You”) will air on the show tonight. She dedicated the songs to her kids and brought them out on stage at the end. It was so cute!


“Make Me Like You”

“Used To Love You”

“What You Waiting For?”

“Hollaback Girl”

“The Sweet Escape”


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34 Replies to “Gwen Performs a Mini-Concert for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Updated)”

  1. Omg guys!I went and it was super fun! I haven’t seen Gwen preform live in a long time! Her music is dope as shit and her face, hair, body: flawless, seriously!

  2. I was there and I forgot about how long I was standing in line but it was fun. She didn’t come out after to sign any autographs though. I was about 4th row to the front! She sounded great!

  3. So good! I thought she sounded better than usual with make me like you. And the interview was good I’m glad she is being so honest and said it was about blake and about ND doing their own thing she said she didn’t know until it came out on the Internet so I guess she doesn’t keep in touch with the guys much?

  4. ^damn that’s surprising to hear she didn’t know about the ND side project. Awkward.

    Her dress is ….. not my favorite.

    Can’t wait to see vids!

  5. why is everyone calling this a “nd side project?” thats not what it is. no doubt is still a band, the boys are just doing something else for a min, like gwen is doing now, it has nothing to do with no doubt. lord, smfh!

    Anyway, Gwen looked great and sounded great. Love the single and cant wait to hear the whole album! XD

    1. Vanessa, because its a side project… its 75% of a band doing a new band. Also, Gwen is nothing doing her thing for a minute, she’s fully invested on her solo career for long now. Both these projects, Gwen solo and their new band, are side project to No Doubt.

  6. Geez, I figured she wasn’t close to them anymore, but I at least thought she’d know about their side project. Did she sound bitter? Or say that she’s happy for them or anything? I can see that comment hitting the press in a negative way. 🙁

  7. Wow. For her to not know about this side project and admit it to us I find completely shocking and very telling. I didn’t think the communication was literally turned off. I mean these are the guys she made her lively hood and everything she has with… & they have an entire album complete shopping it to labels??? Like I said before, we won’t get a ND album until they’re all in there 50’s and they’re children are all grown.

  8. I wish we knew what really went on, they might’ve thought Gwen’s so busy with her projects that we’ll just get on with our own… it’s weird for them to have literally no communication when they headlined all the tours last Summer!?! Anyway Gwen did sound really good here, it was a nice mini concert 🙂

  9. Maybe they are not best friends anymores, just friends… they are not under the same management and/or label, so if they “forgot” to tell her, there would be no way for her to know it, specially know that she’s busy. I still think Tony would have give her a call to tell her the news but the internet was faster.
    Jam, there are a lot of bands that it’s know that some members dont get along and they continue to work on a professional level only to keep the brand going.

  10. That’s sucks that the rest of No Doubt didn’t tell Gwen they were doing a side project I thought Tony and Gwen were super close? I know Gwen is always busy but damn..

  11. I wish she’d stop with that sideways peace sign pose. That outfit is…interesting. Anyway, she sounds good and I can’t wait to see HQ videos of her performance. All the videos posted so far are of TSE even though they are labeled different?

    1. Lol I don’t see anything wrong with the peace sign. At least she’s not sticking her tongue out all the time like Miley Cyrus.

  12. Everyone – Tom tweeted that they did NOT make an announcement on this. Not that it isn’t true, but that they didn’t announce it. My take from this is that they weren’t ready to announce yet, and that’s why Gwen wasn’t informed (yet). So perhaps, somehow, the news got leaked. Not surprising in this day and age of the Internet, right? Having an album of songs ready might mean the songs have been written, maybe even demoed, but not necessarily with the new singer. All supposition on my part, of course.
    As for Gwen, she did say she found out about it on the Internet (i.e., the “leak”) but she did also tell Kimmel that she knew the guys wanted to make a PUNK record. Now sometime in 2014, before she first got tapped for The Voice, Gwen did say she was very happy just being in the band, wouldn’t do another solo record (I know, right?) and also that she felt like she wanted to make a ROCK record. That was until Pharrell turned her head, and convinced her to take a stab at another solo effort. My supposition here is that in 2014, prior to Pharrell’s intervention, Gwen and the guys were contemplating two possible directions: the guys wanted the next album to be punk, and knowing Gwen, she probably wanted it to be more a commercial rock, or pop-rock, record (if they continued on that path, the end product might have been something in-between, but alas). Either that, or everyone in the band was on the same page at that early stage, and last night Gwen, incorrectly, was using the terms punk and rock interchangeably. Either way, damned Pharrell Williams… >.<
    Anyway, that's my two cents on this.

    1. She knew about the supergroup project already. She was talking about the rumor that she was being replaced as the lead singer of No Doubt. And I don’t think Pharrell has anything to do with her going solo again, but her new manager which is a rat.

  13. ^^^^they recorded an entire album, shopping it to labels…. They just didn’t tell her, straight up. She didn’t sound enthusiastic about it and for her to even mention she found out online is veryyyyyy telling

  14. Was that Donnie Spada seen in the beginning of the WYWF video? That would make me happy if he’s along for the solo ride 😉

    So have these performances aired yet? No HQ videos?

      1. They’re taking too long to upload the performance… or maybe they won’t. I wanted to watch it in HQ! Meh! 🙁

    1. That was definitely Donnie! I was happy to see him at kümmel when he was setting up the gear on stage 🙂 he looks really good I think he lost weight too

  15. What an interesting choice of outfit. Anyone remember Ruffio, from Hook? Well this ensemble is very reminiscent of something Ruffio would wear.

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