Gwen Performing “Spark The Fire” On The Voice Dec. 1 (Updated)


NBC has also confirmed the performance in a new press release.


Gwen announced during her appearance on Ellen this afternoon that she will perform “Spark The Fire” live next Monday (December 1) on The Voice alongside Pharrell Williams. She also treated viewers to a new sneak peek at the video which should be out at anytime.

Though there is still no official word on the single’s release, we’re anticipating it soon with all the buzz surrounding “Spark The Fire”, including a couple of Fiat commercials featuring the track.

Photo courtesy of Getty.

2 Replies to “Gwen Performing “Spark The Fire” On The Voice Dec. 1 (Updated)”

  1. Finally! Looking forward to this.

    Do you think they will make the world wait a week for the track? if interscope had any common sense they would release it tonight. Im afraid if they wait til next Monday it will feel like old news as the song will have been available for a week at that point. Reviews are already out there.

  2. Yeah, they are just shooting themselves in the foot by waiting and losing potential sales. It feels like Gwen hasn’t grasped how important social media is now either. Other artists would be tweeting/posting about this stuff a hundred times and she stopped talking about BDL almost immediately after it was released. It’s all so odd.

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