Gwen Scheduled To Perform “Hollaback Girl” On The Voice May 5 (Updated)

2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Day 2

Not only was it announced on the live show that Gwen is indeed confirmed for a judges seat on season 7 of The Voice, host Carson Daly revealed that Gwen will be performing next Monday, May 5, on the program!

It’s been confirmed by NBC that Gwen will be performing her smash single “Hollaback Girl” on the live telecast.

Thank you so much to Kristen for translating what was revealed on the show and sending in! Stay tuned for more news and updates on the announcement!

“This all just happened moments ago, because we’re live, and we’re very happy to officially announce that two music superstars will be joining the next season in these coaches chairs. Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani will be added to his family. If that wasn’t enough, they will each be performing Monday night, right here on this stage, so don’t miss that. We’re so happy to have them join our ever-growing Voice family. They’re both incredible people, insanely talented.”

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  1. I hope she does The Sweet Escape, but I guess I wish more that ND would be included to boast interest and sales for the band…

  2. She totally should have had a new single right now. Missed opportunity. Hopefully by fall she will. Or even better, ND will.

  3. This is all very exciting but hollaback girl? That song from a decade ago? Ha! I Guess things are rushed but you know she is definitely scurrying for new material now.

  4. The return of GWEN. The fact she is performing her solo music is an obvious hint at a new album. I CAN NOT believe it’s actually happening! I’m so thrilled!

  5. NDLOVER, she doesnt have a new song out, so she needs to push her biggest single. I find interesting that she will perform solo, no ND. Thats sort of a statement from her. I hope to see the band doinh new things one day, but for now, its done.

    1. I agree. “Hollaback Girl” would be the ideal choice because it’s her biggest solo track to date. Also maybe due to Love.Angel.Music.Baby.‘s 10th anniversary this year. Crazy how long its been!

  6. I agree with Amanda, it is a missed oppurtunity… If she’s really going solo again, she should have a new buzz single to perform. Oh well, either way I am excited to see her and yeah Hollaback Girl is still her biggest hit single.

  7. I’m still waiting for confirmation, but all this buzz could perfectly lead to a new No Doubt album. Great promo / strategy!

    1. I think that would be ideal and would be a huge boost for the band! I do think the meeting with The Royales is separate from the band, especially with Tom mentioning that nothing is on for them right now, so it’s either a collaboration or something she’s planning on her own. I don’t think the Hits Daily Double rumor isn’t completely unfounded. We’ll have to see!

  8. Yeah The Royales thing could be a feature on their track or some other artist’s…
    Still intrigued about that interview with Adrian though. He said that they might play some shows later this year and drop a new song. I don’t think he’d talk nonsense, especially at this point. And honestly I can see that happen in the fall with Gwen on The Voice.

    1. That’s my best guess. I’m (hoping) that ND have plans to attack towards the end of the year, after Gwen wraps up the live tapings on The Voice. They could use that platform to promote whatever live gigs they have planned and would be a great opportunity to debut new music. It could be huge!

  9. Either way we’re speculating. We have no idea about their plans. And Tom is probably keeping it all hush-hush for now. Of course they know more than they wish to share.

  10. NDLOVER, its kinda cute how hard your holding onto anything No Doubt! The No Doubter in me wants to think all that too but ive faced and accepted SOLO ERA #3 lol And that little snippet of that Adrian interview (can it even be called an actual interview?), his comments have no weight especially since he said those things before the NBC contract was signed. Adrians day dreaming has since been slashed since the shake up of dropping management and the last min NBC deal R.I.P. to any chance of NO DOUBT. i think if ND were apart of these upcoming plans, they wouldnt have let P&S just die so sudden they way they just gave up on it, they would have to go at it 100 times harder with the state they left everything.

  11. and the “New Royaels” arent a big enough name to get a “Featuring GWEN STEFANI” , our girl doesnt just throw her name on anything

  12. Whatever, Bob! Let’s wait and see. And it seems that it was interscope who stopped putting money on P&S’s promo. Fans begged for One More Summer to be released but they didn’t give a damn.

  13. Oof! I’m glad one more summer wasn’t a single. That was very smart of interscope. It would have cemented them into the adult contemporary genre! Sorry, never liked that tune. Sparkle On the other hand…

    1. I’ve come to appreciate “One More Summer” more now than I have but still prefer the acoustic to the original. “Sparkle” is so special (and one of my favorites from the album) but I couldn’t see it as a single.

  14. Interscope can not be blamed for the disastrous ending of P&S, that label pushed the hell out of “looking hot”, so much so that it was kinda sad that even after all the high profile promo for it, no one liked it. ND had us wait for YEARS for the album but then abandon it on us, i felt a little cheated with all those patient years waiting. “sparkle” was a great song, but aside from maybe 2 other songs it was dull. thats coming from a devoted NDer since ’94. ND really tried to make a great album for us but it seems like theyre done for now.
    && p.s. NDLOVER, i meant no disrepect towards you what so ever, deep down the no doubter in me wants to hope and always put the band first 🙂

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