Gwen Performing Outdoor Mini-Concert for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Feb. 16

Gwen performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2005; photo courtesy of Getty
Gwen performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2005; photo courtesy of Getty

According to, fans 16+ are now able to request free tickets to Gwen’s upcoming mini-concert for Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, February 16! With a couple of additional reported (and rumored) upcoming performances for the same week, we wouldn’t be surprised if a new single is around the corner. Usually during these mini-concerts, artists perform 5-6 songs and we’re assuming the performances will air the same night. Gwen has yet to be added to the calendar on

Click here and select February 16 to join the waiting list for tickets for the taping at 4:00PM PST and we’ll have more details once they’re available! Gwen last appeared with No Doubt on Jimmy Kimmel on January 9, 2013.

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  1. I have been curious if she would be allowed to appear on networks other than NBC… If this info is true, she better take this opportunity to premiere a new song.

  2. So great! Wow. Um I will get in trouble for this but seriously she looks like a whole different person now. Different eyes and even nose! Look at this photo versus new ones. I am going to school for dermatology and we study this stuff. New nose and lips and different cheeks. I have never noticed how much she has changed.

  3. Usually artists perform 5-6 songs so my guess:

    Rich Girl
    Hollaback Girl
    The Sweet Escape
    (Spark The Fire)
    Used To Love You
    New single

  4. I think we can all agree it’d be the biggest disappointment if she didn’t perform a new single! All the signs are pointing to a new single out in 2 weeks

    1. She keeps performing it. I know most of you don’t like the song, but she’s still very passionate about it. Plus it’s a recent single.

    1. I’d kill for an acoustic version of Together tbh. That would be a nice touch, since I don’t like much the instrumental of the studio version.

  5. And btw it was announced today that Lady Gaga was doing the Bowie tribute at the grammys. So fingers crossed gwen will do a new song!

  6. I got confirmed tickets today to be at Kimmel for Gwens concert! Thanks so much BSO!!!! I hope to get a pic with her because she does signings and pics after the show sometimes

  7. I am just ready for a new single!!!!

    Wishful Thinking:
    NEW single out in February
    New single and album out in May…..

  8. I wish she would even post like little snippets or teasers of new music. About the Bowie thing: Gaga is doing it but sometimes is multiple artists who complete a tribute. I’ll be happy with anything different or new!

  9. Omg so happy I got tickets to see her perform. I am super excited. Hopefully she does sing her new single. Too bad I won’t be taking any pictures no cameras or cell phones allowed

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