Gwen Performs “Used To Love You” Live on ‘New Years Eve with Carson Daly’ (Updated)


Check out another stellar performance of “Used To Love You” from Gwen during tonight’s New Years Eve with Carson Daly. NBC aired the pre-taped performance shortly after midnight and Gwen looked flawless in a floor-length sheer gown covered in jewels with her hair in a top-knot bun. She was accompanied by aerobatic dancers similar to her American Music Awards performance.


Photo courtesy of Getty
Photo courtesy of Getty

Gwen is set to return to the stage for another live performance of “Used To Love You” during NBC’s New Years Eve with Carson Daly on December 31. The performance was pre-taped earlier in the month and she’ll be returning to the program once again after last year’s “Spark The Fire” performance.

Make sure to tune in to NBC starting at 10:00PM ET/PT to see Gwen!

26 Replies to “Gwen Performs “Used To Love You” Live on ‘New Years Eve with Carson Daly’ (Updated)”

    1. It’s a great song, very special to Gwen and she’s working so hard to get it on the radio… The least we should do is appreciate it!

  1. Yes!!! Finally we get another performance. Perfect since it’s building up on Adult Radio, it’s #11 on Billboard Adult Pop Songs 🙂

  2. This is our chance as fans to support the song!!! We used to be so active back in the day, requesting the song on the radio and TRL. Nowadays we JUST have to stream the song on youtube, it takes 4 minutes.

    1. You know I don’t listen to the radio, and I never had any luck back in the day requesting a song. But the single is hot and hopefully after this New Years performance it continues to gain momentum.

  3. So I guess this was the performance the voice meant when they said gwen was performing finale week. (Pre taped) Anyway I found this one underwhelming because it wasn’t anything new.

  4. It’s a good effort to reconnect with the more emotional layers of Gwens musical past, but the song is just kind of mediocre in my book. The lyrics are repetitive and not very profound and the melody is not very interesting. Just my honest opinion. I think Gwen should release an exciting new song soon, a bit more edgy and captivating (not edgy like spark the fire though lol). Otherwise she will lose her time in the spotlight again.

  5. I’ve appreciated the song and it’s run. This last performance and Gwen’s movements made me think it would also be interesting to hear a punky, more attitude-y version of the song as well. Something a-la Happy Now, or the attitude/swagger of ex-girlfriend. Similar to how ex-gf began as a slow and somber song and transitioned to a boisterous one.

      1. oh i know! and it wasn’t a meant to be a diss or a put down in any way either… just commentary after i noticed some more movement in her body during the performance. =)

  6. It wasn’t the hit that some thought it might be, but I love the song. I’m definitely ready to hear what else she’s been working on though. It seems that we are in the same spot we were last year. Waiting…wondering…

    1. It’s #11 for two weeks on Billboard Adult Pop 40 which is adult radio. Which is success for Gwen since her core fan base is adult, there’s no way to turn around that. The only thing this song lacks to climb the Hot 100 is streaming which is normal considering the video’s minimalist approach. Still, I think the song did it’s job in showing Gwen’s label she still can get radio spins, so that the label invests more on the next video. I’m optimistic 🙂

  7. I’m ready for the new single :)…. This song sound so much better raw with minimal production. I still the Ellen performance was the sincere and raw..

  8. The instrumental sounded awesome on this performance. I love it, now to me it’s gonna be the best UTLY performance.

  9. I really enjoyed all of the UTLY performances, which has (sadly) become a rare thing with Gwen/ND since they had soooo many shaky and so-so performances in the recent past. I remember how some of the SD performances were just really bad and almost painful to watch, but with the UTLY performances Gwen was always on point vocally and visually imho.

    I’m not sure where to go from here, though. Like Amanda said, UTLY wasn’t the big hit many of us and maybe also Interscope were hoping for, but still it did well enough to go on with this album and more singles. I just hope they don’t wait too long now until something new will be announced/released. I feel like the album should be available for pre-order in two weeks or so…

  10. It did get played on the radio a lot here in LA. There’s no other woman in her 40s getting air play like she is.

  11. I’ve only heard it once on the radio 🙁 Even the adult contemporary stations in my city don’t play it (which is weird). It’s all about Beiber and Swift…gag lol

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